Former White Supremacist Becomes Friends With Man Whose Father Was Killed by Member Arno's Group

Arno Michaelis and Pardeep Kaleka are now friends after Pardeep forgave Arno for starting the white supremacist group that killed his father.
5:47 | 01/16/17

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Transcript for Former White Supremacist Becomes Friends With Man Whose Father Was Killed by Member Arno's Group
Very good thing on the offensive coordinator. And gave CNN an Internet faster. Did many many many here for the. Ma'am who didn't mean it didn't turn again OK. I understand had been anybody had yet. Hello I'm. We're back with former white power leader are no K list. Second 2012 a member of the Groupe Arnault started opened fire at a Milwaukee sikh temple. The video you just saw. Killing six people before turning the gun on himself. One of those killed was the father of our deep Kawika. Who joins us now. Welcome. You reached out to art you know shortly after the tragedy. When I do that. Just. You just understand why it was. You know we understood how. Until you make meaning of the Howell. You know we can't do anything about it a lot that was you know I in the aftermath of it was sort of going through our own. Grieving process but this was kind of different this was it was on national TV I was one of the worst. Race based hate incidents that happened in fifty years since Birmingham bomb bomb bombing. And and you don't we really thought at the time regular good let's do our best on a brave face from the world. But we really need to understand just understand why and that's why reached out Tom Arnold. I don't them now you say that I Dietz father's killer app was a mirror image of EO. He said that before in the first segment room. And I'm just wondering do you have feelings of guilt do you feel like you're responsible in some ways because the president was like you know. Absolutely I think I feel like I helped to create the environment that that we came for all. And in that sense I I certainly have responsibility for what he ended up doing. It could be argued that had I never existed you know things still may have unfolded but they the fact that I was party to that. And that I did help organize that group and and put that. Mirrored evolve into the world through the musical my band aid it's it would be. Ignorant reopened to not yours. So some inside help us understand the possibility of forgive us forgiveness was deathly not evolved from getting and we definitely have not forgotten. Armed forgiveness not simply barge is getting over something of forgiveness is trying to make trying to make commission out of it. And and but what when it is your pain over you can draw strength from it. What is it like between now what is the relationship of lake. Well and Brazil I told people that I was going to meet a former white supremacists out for dinner and talked and everybody was like you've lost your mind. You you must be going through something that you are you OK can I use is a soul coming land and that has them and my okay. What we'll tell you what use will put me. He has anywhere we're are meeting. I gave my favorite restaurants and Thai restaurant in Milwaukee is pleasantly we're gonna be at this time all players and he licked. Noise subprime mess and others the league's stated that I written. I. Violating his response of that moment Ocalan he says the burger. Place would like a bar in I was like that stereotypical white is yeah. Right now. Our relationship as it is and light up a genuine brotherhood. We hang out almost every day one now so we go to lunch almost every day you know he Watson our kids he babysit how he comes over to the halls without. Not in some time is walks in and but it other ghosts I the whites about. I am I dull as well mom and a one time before we're going on renegade like chickens and meals aside she's laid. Are you OK like are people after you sit really big engines touch me that she had that concern for me. A great relationship that you have it's a great story honestly just turned to lose leg does just this brotherhood. And ever since then we've been walking together at times I get tired. He picks me up and hopefully it times when he gets tired that's that I am here. See it he's come to the rescue of many times. We've done events were I've I broke down. Figure below what happened was smaller and Julio hundreds of who's shooting him and he's literally like took me in his arms and held the you both seem to have found some purpose of this wholesale and and now you have to help others to understand so what are you doing to help to reach out. Sobel sir. Party but I run an organization called sort of unite which is purely based on principles of the six faith save would you service to helping other people. And back home are which is that god is Warner god has truly been essentially that all human beings are all part of the sea in creation. So in searching tonight we work with young people from second grade through college. We engage young people hear them creative service morning. And reconnect with people we called global mentors sleaze are related superheroes of pieces got a bestseller an opponent. A lot of survivors about extremism a lot of former -- teachers about mr. the only result. From all the world like common or classrooms destroyed. Evidence player our students to gloat in their communities and shoot the world. Thank you for for being here and and walking together and meeting so many people on your journey thanks to Arnelle. Michaela sent party Kawika Arnold's book I'm life after hate is available now.

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{"duration":"5:47","description":"Arno Michaelis and Pardeep Kaleka are now friends after Pardeep forgave Arno for starting the white supremacist group that killed his father. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"44812646","title":"Former White Supremacist Becomes Friends With Man Whose Father Was Killed by Member Arno's Group ","url":"/US/video/white-supremacist-friends-man-father-killed-member-arnos-44812646"}