Thieves Make Off With Wii-ly Big Haul

$2 million worth of Wii gaming consoles were stolen from a Washington state warehouse.
1:48 | 12/18/12

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Transcript for Thieves Make Off With Wii-ly Big Haul
-- -- -- -- 28 years and I honestly I can't remember the last time we had something like this where people pulled in and literally took a warehouse full of merchandise out. First there is the why. The Wii -- console has been wildly popular this Christmas season Israel wants to get their presence and you know everyone wants the Nintendo Wii U. And then there's the how. -- you and I were weathering the storm last night -- thieves were here at Seattle air cargo in the wee hours of the night. Whoever was the pulled off this -- knew exactly what they were doing -- back in here with you semi trucks like this one. Elected to this report. And that would -- the beginning. Once the trailers were -- -- They went inside that warehouse -- recently fired up a forklift. And what about loading up at least 64 -- of the consoles into the trailers for good measure they also filled up the Seattle their cargo box truck. It was a mother lode of Nintendo. Over 7000 we get it you're looking at they're they're about 300 RG so there's probably close to two million dollars in product right there. Once the rigs were loaded the small. Trucks pulled away and presumably cried. We we we all the way home. The consoles like these were intended for retail sales all over the area. We asked -- -- might have been an inside job but neither Seattle air cargo or the sheriff's department would comment. Investigators are looking for two big trailers with the name McKinney. Written on the side and a box truck with the words Seattle air cargo on the doors. And here's the thing about Wii consoles. They can be traced. Law enforcement could always contact the -- of these devices and asked them. You know where they bought them from so they they certainly -- -- trail.

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{"id":18006838,"title":"Thieves Make Off With Wii-ly Big Haul","duration":"1:48","description":"$2 million worth of Wii gaming consoles were stolen from a Washington state warehouse.","url":"/US/video/wii-thieves-steal-thousands-gaming-consoles-18006838","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}