New wildfire threat in California

At least 800,000 customers had their power shut down as high winds fueled fears of a massive blaze.
5:50 | 10/09/19

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Transcript for New wildfire threat in California
And guys and move on to California with parts of the state under extreme wildfire danger over the next three days on the wildfire in miracles accounting. Has already burned 2000 acres it's a threat. So bad and that the electric company PGE has proactively set the power off. To nearly 800000. Residents I want to bring in will Carr who's on the ground there. What will this is pretty. Incredible do we know if meteorologists dom have an idea of where these wildfires will be. Well Kimberly were in a red flag warning across this region for the next couple days so there's no exact idea where wildfire could break out but there's no doubt that this is a historic move by PGA and he now this is a reaction. To all the wildfires that we've had here in California in recent years odd dozens of fires have been started by downed power lines PG&E. Had filed for bankruptcy earlier this year there were also responsible. For the paradise fire to remember that here in California last year that killed. 86 peoples of this is a reaction to that they've decided to shut off power for hundreds of thousands of people across California. Over the next couple of days now one big frustration just this morning is that if you go on to the PG&E web site and try to figure out exactly where the power outages are. You don't really see anything right there according to this there are no power outages but we know that's not the case gets here in Sausalito you can see this entire block. Is without power you can see the traffic lights. Are flashing here there's concerns. Across this area about people who need medical help dialysis clinics have shut down. This school right here is actually still open but they don't have any power I just spoke to some of the teachers they told me. They're gonna go old school today they actually have to pull out some of the physical books that they haven't been using in recent years because they teach on their ipads. They're gonna have to teased the students who show up about forty. Teenagers are going to be here a little bit later and then across the street there's a dentist office Laura and Becky. I'd hear worked at that dentist office and they showed up today there's no powers to tell me all Laura what you. And it's our plan is to try to be available Tolliver patients they have a full schedule. And we were concerned that they wouldn't know that week. Can't take them in today. And Becky there's been widespread news coverage last week or hours that these power outage outages could have been expected this miniature office in you know what's going through your mind. In the house everything was working fine. And wary about that I tried going to the web site it was working parent. It turn. I. Figure facing a double in. Class how is hygiene is would you possibly work on patients with no power it really hard and heavy really care of our each step. At meaning like picnic and it's hard not to have our team and six let me. And Laura as you know we've had so many wild fires here in recent years a skilled wanted and what your frustration level without having that power at your office vs knowing that this is a proactive. That measure trying to. Event next. Fully understands that there are doing what they have to do in away but. Try to find out information has been the most frustrating so you really don't know dated day power going to plan. So are taking it for today it was what tomorrow brings that make the most of it would take care patient. And that you mentioned that frustrates as well as trying to get on the website trying to figure out exactly where these power outages are how long it's in effect. Is there restraining and hopefully if that's restraint grab you name it best wishes that everybody out there are you guys are sick in and out an office today if patients show up you're gonna try to make the best and yet. Lines are open and let us know my generally bridge added. And Kimberly were hearing a lot of that frustration from people in the area we're in a coffee shop not too long ago in this is. All that people are talking about right now is exactly what they're gonna do we've seen people at last 24 hours flocked to hardware stores blocked it. Supermarkets they've loaded up. On op food and water in. Obviously been buying generators in fact there is at a restaurant in coffee shop across the street that doesn't have power we saw them taking a generator and little bit earlier today and the big news too is that the strongest winds which we're not feeling any right now but they're going to be going on throughout the course of the day. And the strongest ones arsenic come over night so. We have to get through this over the next 24 hours in did PG and he says that they actually will have to go mile by mile. Looking at all the power lines before they can turn the power back on at. Across this region so this entire area could be without power opt for a number of days typically. Thank you will. Alia frustrating in more ways than one we appreciate those updates. And it now want to go to our chief meteorologist ginger is the because she's actually using a art to show how dangerous these wildfire winds. Are so ginger. Let's go hand focus in on how this is all going to work we have this new utility augmented reality that's perfect for example like that's what's hot California up died in a little bit because it's not just the Bay Area but as he was just explaining offshore winds begin really. By tomorrow and they're the worst habit so let's fly in a little closer at the San Gabriel the Santa Ana. Andy you can see the winds coming over all of these this is actually how the Santa Ana wind works. The compression of air when they come down the mountain slopes heats it up with guy humidity less than 10% you could see wind gusts of 55 to seventy miles per hour. This is why tomorrow night do really early Saturday morning this is going to be. Extreme fire danger for Southern California.

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{"duration":"5:50","description":"At least 800,000 customers had their power shut down as high winds fueled fears of a massive blaze.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66165867","title":"New wildfire threat in California","url":"/US/video/wildfire-threat-california-66165867"}