Wildfire victim: 'My house is gone'

Jim McConica joked that his destroyed home in Ventura, California, "died before I did."
1:51 | 12/05/17

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Transcript for Wildfire victim: 'My house is gone'
One moment you're not so sorry this is Jim we met a moment ago he has given to tell me that your home was lost. On all the neighbors around me are all gone as well although not one that left them all well. Not to overuse the term heartbreaking but I thought to myself when I walk W could see one chimney after another police his team that's all there are. It absolutely. It's just devastating I was just speaking to our news crew back in the station that you left around 11 PM. Tell us what were you able to again and again I'm so sorry for the loss. I got some important. Pictures and some. Things for my athletic career and whatnot. And my wife got some pictures and some other things like. But basically everything is gone. As you mentioned you've lived here for years these your neighbors you must know many of them I was just talking to one as a neighbor across the street down one Allison. She's devastated as well. It's just a terrible situation. My other neighbors. Out of town right now and so. Is his house is gone. His truck is gone I did get my one of my prized vehicle out and on the street and that lived. So that's a fortunate. And we got a other vehicles out but I municipality is right there you can see this fire right behind division shooting earlier it's just devastating and when it goes it goes bouts. And I want to fill in our viewers who are watching us live that we are on scenic way and yes we can feel the heat from this garage when it your neighbors Jim. This soma losses well. Do you even begin to think about rebuilding. Oh I love this area. I will have another house or some day I'm sure. At this at this location this was going to be might die in house the only news the house died before I did so.

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{"id":51589046,"title":"Wildfire victim: 'My house is gone'","duration":"1:51","description":"Jim McConica joked that his destroyed home in Ventura, California, \"died before I did.\"","url":"/US/video/wildfire-victim-house-51589046","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}