Winter storm slams Denver

The giant storm dumped inches of snow and brought strong winds.
2:09 | 03/14/19

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Transcript for Winter storm slams Denver
We're gonna turn out to the West Coast because there is some snow and strong winds there on the West Coast we're talking about even some hurricane force winds was quoted Clinton clintons and they'll he's over in Denver a Clayton. Kgo we got hit by this bomb cyclone 24 hours ago but we're still feeling the after affects right now take a look behind me here this is a roadblock. This is the entrance to southbound interstate 25. It is right now shut down basically between Denver. Pretty much all the way to Colorado Springs at me. Issue is there's still a lot of blowing snow across the road that is grating these blizzard like conditions and officials were telling us that. They had about 200 vehicles stuck on I 25. Overnight they were able to clear the northbound lanes they were still trying to get some of the cars on the southbound lanes but. Until they do that. And the condition sort of calm down these interstates are gonna remain closed interstate seventy is also shut down a huge chunk basically between Denver all the way to the Kansas. State line now this has just REIT how. Have it on this area you can imagine at the airport. We were there yesterday. Where they were registering eighty mile per hour or gusty winds so obviously you're not gonna fly. In weather like that all the runways had to be shut down they canceled about 14100 flights. We talked also to business travelers families traveling with kids and it was really just complete travel nightmare this morning the airport says they've got some of the runways back open they're hoping to get back got sued normal operations later today but. That is going to be slow going so. One of the good the good news is that the storm has. Basically moved to opt points east we're now seeing those summer record flooding in Nebraska and more blizzard conditions. In other areas so not good news and also back here in Colorado. We've gotten a lot of new snow up in the mountains and that means that we may see a whole brand new round of those dangerous avalanche is like the ones that we saw last week GO. All right claim thank you so much.

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{"duration":"2:09","description":"The giant storm dumped inches of snow and brought strong winds. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"61685726","title":"Winter storm slams Denver","url":"/US/video/winter-storm-slams-denver-61685726"}