Winter Storm Slams the South

Icy conditions make roads impassable for salt trucks.
3:00 | 01/29/14

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Transcript for Winter Storm Slams the South
This is a special room. Hello I'm tired and is -- New York this ABC news digital special report. Americas at ninth largest metropolis paralyzed. -- traffic is only now starting to move the city of Atlanta. But at a standstill drivers -- -- highways for hours trying to -- home snowplows salt trucks emergency vehicles unable to get through folks in the Carolinas Alabama not faring much better. School children couldn't get home yesterday and -- couldn't get to school this morning. This school bus in Asheville, North Carolina flipped over some students were hurt. Was taken to hospital. Officials are blaming weather forecast for the gridlock and -- response. Governor Nathan Deal of Georgia's senate a lot of salt trucks in -- In his state were outside of the city near the coast because there wasn't. Much forecast for ice and snow in the city he also blamed big rigs an eighteen wheelers. Not putting chains on -- Wales -- TV -- Angela Alvarez has been tracking the widespread impact of the snowstorm in the south and has this report. Thousands of southerners are frozen in their tracks after being hit with -- usual snow storm that caused roads to ice over. Near Atlanta this morning track -- is going nowhere but the city says they are making progress. We have completed. Are priority one routes which include bridges and -- In Alabama overnight highways turned into parking lots. These two women abandoned their car on an icy road it won't back to -- -- people -- -- blocking the intersection in. Getting out of cars and -- play. In Atlanta other state put trapped in a massive traffic -- how far beyond an eight hours why to you. -- traffic -- and since 130. Yesterday. Across the south roads were like -- -- wrecked cars littered highways. One back -- was so bad salt trucks couldn't get -- An emergency vehicles weren't able to reach those who needed help. Despite the forecast some southerners were caught off guard some even forced to spend the night in -- grocery store. Thousands of kids and Alabama had to hunker down in their classrooms. Whether gut tells of the year that we had to close the schools that we promised parents that the staff would be afterschool time -- -- picked. Staff members keeping the students away -- -- treacherous roads we started thinking about how we -- gonna feed them. Untrue manager -- to be one of the staff members stuck here single handedly she put together great hot meal for the kids. People surviving and making do in this winter blast here in eastern North Carolina it was forced to -- resource is from all over the state. For cleanup that's sure to last the rest of the week -- -- Alvarez ABC news Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Now AccuWeather is Jennifer and AM has been tracking the storm warnings joins us now -- Jennifer is it getting any better in the south. It is getting better and that's the good news now it's still dangerous out there to travel temperatures are still very cold and as long as there is no warm up as long as temperatures stay below freezing. We can still see some ice on the roadways but there is can use. We do have a warm ups in but first let's recap what happened the storm starting yesterday morning it started from eastern Texas moved to new. I ten -- door -- freezing rain. -- make snow on the northern edge of the storm. By late in the morning hours at -- started getting this now eventually and made all the way into the Carolinas now the highest amounts were actually. Across -- south eastern southeastern Virginia. And into eastern North Carolina between three to six inches of -- I -- at Wilmington, North Carolina did see a few a couple of inches of snow and did cause major problems now that sleep this morning -- freezing rain was actually impacting the Florida Panhandle. Tallahassee this morning this -- and did. At -- land and so we're starting to see the drier air returning from the north -- you can see this cold -- still extending from the mid Atlantic back into the Gulf of Mexico. The good news is that debt that snow and that wintry mix that we we're seeing. Early in the morning hours have since pushed off. To the co opt -- -- the Atlantic. Now across Hilton head South Carolina we had some. Wintry mix earlier this morning so that cause more problems on the roadways. As well as I mention in Tallahassee. Doesn't clouds behind. This and cold fronted by dad temperatures are still -- cold out there now here's a closer look. Into the mid Atlantic and the northeast you can see. The radar clearing out but we have some snow. Up into Boston area -- snow across Sunday in the coastal parts of Virginia and North Carolina so we're finally seeing. And that drier weather returning now we're still due to the cold temperatures and the fact that -- still some snow out there accumulated on the roadways. We're trying to get the snow plowed out of the way. They're still some travel delays not only on the roadways but also out of the airports. I know Atlanta yesterday there were over a thousand delays and today we have a balance 300 -- -- And also on 940. Flights have been canceled but also we're seeing road travel -- problems on the I -- ice MD five and nine to 85. Now -- today's high still very cold doubt airing tonight we're dropping down into the teens buy tomorrow this isn't good news we have the warm up coming back. -- -- chilly but at least. We're above freezing so Atlanta -- tomorrow it's -- back in the forties. Jacksonville back to 49 degrees and that's -- good news. Now live by tomorrow we still have some cold temperatures into the mid Atlantic but basically the story -- the front as well the south. Just over Florida bringing some showers we have some drier air warmer temperatures returning into southeast. Earlier this morning some snowflakes across -- and at through south Jersey that has cleared out. Still very cold out there -- so keep herself form today's high in Boston 22 degrees nineteen. -- -- rather in nineteen and I currently in New York City and Boston rain out when he too weak month just a few degrees above that. But today it's still cold tonight -- very Cole but tomorrow. Not too bad we're finally a bid -- warmer and that looks like as we head into the weekend. Some good news to look forward to is the warm up and some quieter conditions. Tied back to you. -- right and Jennifer you know we should say hey that. Really even in the hardest hit areas of the south we're talking no more than three maybe six inches of snow but. These are areas and not used to getting back and is -- and they're not as adept as. People say in the north right the north of the country at getting a salt trucks out there but they did flame. Some forecasters in the future meteorologists. For what happened I guess they're saying they didn't get enough advance warning. What what happened with the forecast. Well but in this storm basically we had the Arctic air come first then we had a low pressure system -- -- -- Over on the Gulf of Mexico near Texas right along the coast what happens -- is. In those situations it's a rare it's hard to -- We try to find ways up from the past. Similar storms in -- compared to that but -- some very difficult to pinpoint. Exactly where we'll see the highest amounts. These storms are -- for -- southeast that we don't have that much to compared to so that's basically why it's very difficult to say exactly and for example -- Atlanta -- will get exactly two inches or above that an Atlanta did manage to get about two inches but also the fact that. It's hitting -- south and we're not yesterday in the south at all and also we may not we do have the equipment. When he get when it does happen we are able to bring the equipment nearby -- roadways are not. And they're not pre treated award they're not treated. And it's just also at travelers in the south and the southeast and people who live in the south we're not used to -- so. It's something that comes with surprise and we just have to take it very slow on the -- -- -- situations like this happen. I think that. I think that the forecasting of the snow -- was hitting in the general area. Was was a good forecast but to actually pinpoint where we'll see exact amounts. -- is it it's just very hard especially with these rare storms. But and again like I -- -- hopefully. You know we just keep learning -- whenever these storms do occur and that way we can prepare better absolutely -- -- that went there he can't. I think a lot of people -- -- -- have things differently and expect the unexpected this has been. Quite an interesting winner 2013 Jennifer it has -- and -- thank you so much for joining thank you AccuWeather. You've been watching an ABC news digital special report on the storm that hit the south and is still. Affecting traffic once -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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