Winter Storm is Wreaking Havoc Across the East Coast

Vicious weather causes travel delays and power outages across the East Coast.
3:00 | 02/13/14

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Transcript for Winter Storm is Wreaking Havoc Across the East Coast
This is a special group. Good afternoon I'm -- Hernandez in New York with an ABC news digital special report shaken -- the winter blues. Isn't so easy -- mother nature decides to unleash yet another blast of snow and ice. Snow's falling from North Carolina to new England and somewhere in the middle -- Washington DC we have team coverage fanned out across the path of the storm and right in the middle of it all. If -- Karen Travers live in Washington hello Karen. Really actually got some snow -- -- the last couple of times we've talked about snowstorms in DC it's -- -- rain but this actually stuck we had about ten inches at my house overnight the snow was coming down and very heavy at times it -- one to two inches per hour all of Washington is shut down and people are enjoying a lovely snow day. Heavy snow followed by -- brought Washington to a standstill. The federal government's closed today after nearly a foot of snow fell in the nation's capital in some areas west of the city more than fifteen inches. This storm came fast and furious early this morning the -- stalling in a rate of one to two inches per hour from DC up to New York City. There's major snow fatigue along the East Coast. It's been an expensive winter in today's storm will just add more costs welcome to winter storm number six. This monster winter storm stretches from Alabama to -- nineteen states under storm watches warnings or advisories. The south was coated in ice yesterday that -- widespread power outages and tree branches snapping under the heavy weight. Earlier today that was coming down. Like every minute there's one following. It was like gunfire going off. The rally Durham, North Carolina area picked up between 36 inches of snow. Out on some ice and road conditions were treacherous. It was so bad that last night basketball game between bitter rivals duke in North Carolina was canceled. Huge staying in this hoops crazy state I'm really -- -- -- locked in the snow for -- hours to get here. Some good news for people in the south to -- some good news for people in the south side they are gonna get a warm up temperatures will -- up in -- fifties or sixties over the weekend but. Here in Washington DC up through New York in -- New England there is no relief were actually looking at another system coming through tonight possibly another two to four inches of snow. And sleep so another messy evening -- cute Thai people are real healing sick of this weather. -- Karen TC's infamous -- shutting down when the snow comes over expecting that tomorrow as well. Right now the government hasn't made any decisions but I think this -- money is on the government shutting down again -- remember Monday is a holiday presidents' day weekend so everybody was already -- -- -- out of its counter offer another three more days. I did not give Germany a five day weekend the government workers would probably love to hear that we'll still be out here covering whatever the remnants of this storm are tomorrow. And as their hundreds of thousands of them getting that day off today apparent -- adding. They want to. Do -- -- -- as a social media campaign aimed at net flex. That this amazing yesterday tied there -- the Twitter campaign that started. Among some DC politicos and bring back the first week I saw was from senator Marco Rubio communications director aimed at Netflix and he said. How about you release house of cards one day early house of cards that show that everybody here in Washington love you because of course. It's about Washington it's about congress -- looking around midnight tonight season to all thirteen episodes in a row everybody is excited forbidden to watching. Some people were saying do it early were all on Monday -- the second -- houses it's snowing give us thirteen hours of house of cards. A one word response from Netflix -- when asked by -- reporter they said no. Midnight not happening. -- DC we'll have to just wait to watch itself have to depicted on Netflix Karen Travers thank you so much for joining us. And now let's head to Atlanta had not used to be strong winter -- that is where we find it Devin Dwyer joining us live with the latest there at the airport I -- -- -- It is I see down here although they're starting to see some -- the sun actually just came out we just came down the highway here. -- have actually some salt down but for those folks. In the northern -- he would be surprised how much snow and ice is in fact on the road we are at at Atlanta international right now and of course. Everybody's talking about the travel impact of this storm it's been a horrible year to be an airline passenger those cancellations. Happening at double the rate at last winter. In today's you know it is getting worse. With the powerful winter storm another round of travel nightmares and spent two nights here. Had. Three flights canceled I'm ready to get on any flight -- fall asleep but. Take a ride -- ahead of the busy presidents' day weekend airports on the East Coast getting slammed by snow and ice today more than 5000 flights have been canceled nationwide. In Atlanta the -- back up at the world's busiest airport being felt everywhere as far west as California and probably international destinations as well. Stranded travelers have sold out hotel rooms across the south many fearing a weekend alone. Talking phase of my husband happy Valentine's Day to -- just might not -- there. Dangerous roads caked in ice are making driving treacherous in Georgia schools are closed and streets deserted for a third straight day. Outside Raleigh abandoned cars dot the highway. If you want to go back to get your car we really recommend that you wait until it's totally safe. The heavy ice -- the destructive path roofs collapsed and power lines down I've never seen it like this through the -- You know and into the attic space more than half a million homes and businesses -- in the dark across eleven states. Utility crews scrambling to clean up and catch up its mammoth storm moves north. And the airlines battered by those weeks of delays are struggling to catch up to passengers as you can see here. Slowly coming back to the Atlanta airport -- appearing at other airports in the south as well but. I gotta tell you -- people that are trying to get north. Might have to -- a little bit longer time. Right because that is where the weather has been headed ever since it left Atlanta. -- is real it's about. The flight situation now obviously people are trying to. Catch up in the airline disease that are trying to catch up -- things moving at this point. They are more or actually you're witnessing -- here were starting to see some signs of life in Atlanta we were here at 2 AM this morning. The entire board behind me. Had cancellations on it's starting to see believe it or not -- on time departures appearing there Atlanta though still one of the worst hit airports today 800. In the flights in and out have been canceled here. In fact since in the peace that you played -- has aired its now up to 6000 flights across the country so the picture is getting worse. Because so -- Hobbs upping your neck of the woods are getting hit. But again in the southern areas here in Atlanta the world's busiest airport. Starting to get back on line. 78 getting the sense from people that you're talking to that they took the snow a little bit more seriously this time may be waded. Before even trying to get to the -- -- to be safe rather than sorry. Absolutely in fact so many areas in this state. Reacted differently than they did from that horrific storm two weeks ago we all remember those nightmare pictures on the Atlanta highways people trapped. Well now we're talking about North Carolina. As you saw Karen in -- -- that's where people were trapped last -- on the highways. -- -- for the most part people have been indoors. For the past three days government offices schools closed for three consecutive days. Again when we got here overnight at the Atlanta airport very few passengers were here sleeping -- other -- -- you see some. Airport officials telling us that most people heeded those warnings they got advance notice submitted come to the airport at all and in many respects they couldn't get here because of that ice time. -- ABC's Devin Dwyer in Atlanta thank you for joining us now let's talk to AccuWeather is Heather -- -- for the latest on where the storm now where it's heading. What can you tell us Heather. Yes it's just been ending credible winter storm time a classic what we called nor'easter. Lots of gulf moisture tapping into this -- it's running into a lot of Arctic air. Don't -- down begin think about it here in three phases the first -- associated with what we called the surface low that's moving off the coast in the northeast as we speak. Phase number one is this heavy shield of snow working into the interior northeast. As we speak phase number two going on now -- I-95 quarter in New York City Philadelphia DC changing from -- Two more of a wintry mix do not let that fool you though as we head into tonight. Face number three comes in this is the upper level low still over the Carolinas dumping even more snow. Into the mountains of western North Carolina snow totals there. Around eighteen inches it absolutely incredible this no one -- moved off to the north and east as we head into tonight so. Another round coming for the I 95 later this evening but here's the heaviest snow right now working through central Pennsylvania. Snow falling at about an inch or two per hour maintenance and heavier rates. Western how Long Island here over the last couple of hours picked up a quick. Five inches again in just a couple of hours of these are incredibly heavy snowfall rates. And it's very wet snow to the closer you are to this rain snow line the more -- the snow is the more easily it sticks to trees power lines you name it. It's making roads a nightmare everywhere and we're still on the look out here. For some widespread power outages again here's the corner of the heaviest snow tracking through central and Eastern Pennsylvania parts of downstate New York. Albany included in that many areas in here could -- well over a foot of snow much in Maine included in this area as we head. Into later on tonight. Here's the area of the wintry mix focus down along the coast of the northeast but again. Temperatures going to crash here overnight and we're going to see the snow -- back into Philadelphia New York. As well as Washington DC we could -- another couple of inches. As the storm rapidly strengthens wind is going to be a problem as well it's pretty pretty gusty along parts of the I-95 especially. For Boston as well as the cape the -- -- -- highs 35 even forty miles per hour. That -- for coastal flooding concerns for the Jersey Shore in June the North Shore of Long Island along Boston and the -- as well. So in our localized coastal flooding is going to be a concern here until the storm moves -- the north -- -- here's one last quick -- -- those snowfall totals the deepest flew here. Represents twelve to eighteen inches of snow Harrisburg is included in that just -- the north and west of New York City but. Our -- totals have certainly been impressive here as well. Anger right on the twelve -- eighteen inch line here is we head into later on tonight. So again just an impressive snow it's going to fall very fast driving going to remain dangerous as we had the route tonight. The good news is once we head into Friday things finally start to improve the heavy snow and rain move out of the area but. Colder air gets dragged in behind it it's going to take quite some time for that snow to -- -- All right well I guess patience is all we -- left. AccuWeather is Heather Waldman thank you so much for joining us -- thanks to captain Karen Travers and Devin -- for now I'm tired and -- in New York. Hoping you can cope with the weather this has been an ABC news digital special report thank you for joining us.

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{"id":22505044,"title":"Winter Storm is Wreaking Havoc Across the East Coast","duration":"3:00","description":"Vicious weather causes travel delays and power outages across the East Coast.","url":"/US/video/winter-storm-wreaking-havoc-east-coast-22505044","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}