Witness describes the scene during the Texas church massacre

Kevin Jordan, who lives across the street from First Baptist of Sutherland Springs, said the scene will continue to haunt him.
3:05 | 11/06/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Witness describes the scene during the Texas church massacre
You live right across the street is the church yes. Tell me what what did you what did you see here this move while I was change you oil my car and I record some shots being fired and I see this guy. Shooting. He's walking towards the church. Is is an error fifty. And he was wearing either body armor vest and mask and I can see is facing. But I saw him shooting just kept going to get going get going he recruited reloaded at least what's priceless all. And then outside we heard everything from. Inside when I was trying to run back it it is semi Al sufferers thought he saw me a ticket shut off in my direction. And it went through that window of my front window of my house plan my two year old so. Here six months he was standing in the window two feet from where it hits and it almost at hand. We word I grabbed my sonogram my wife Diane read barricade ourselves in the bathroom. Hand. I caught my wallet. And then I heard two shots that you know we can hear all the shooting going on that you. You reloading and stuff that I heard two shots that word didn't sound like from June and that's when. Peeked out the window and ice all that are very good family friend of ours had he was up there it is air. And he had shot the guy that the guy had gotten in his. Vehicles sped off but. From what I was understanding he bled out from a gunshot wound so our friends fell to. Because it would it got worse because got a guy was still short in our free. Ticket now Kevin how how long did this goal. Fifteen minutes to have long been fifteen minutes before that he favored here is able to get a clear shot at him and taken out. And then I said he big and guy jumped in his vehicle and drove off down the road and then our friend. That was on the scene. He jumped in what they got another guy in a truck that sought as well they chased him until they saw where he had racked. What kind of car was he and assessment that I'm that old but it'll look from what I have sought to solve a roof and a little bit of the side of it everything. It looked like it was a hand Ford Explorer it's one of the worst things that I've ever seen. You know and it's it's got to Harvey for hope very very long time you know it's people that cry you know that are friends. And so you know I'd like I told everyone else like I'm say anything about what I saw about it because it's just. Why would you choose a church people that are just for their families prayed on Sunday why would you. You know and it's just did I don't understand you know I just can't and you know more. Everyone that it was you know involved and it's like. It's just it's horrifying I mean it's right words can't describe it.

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{"duration":"3:05","description":"Kevin Jordan, who lives across the street from First Baptist of Sutherland Springs, said the scene will continue to haunt him.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"50951548","title":"Witness describes the scene during the Texas church massacre","url":"/US/video/witness-describes-scene-texas-church-massacre-50951548"}