Woman Arrested for Hanging Boyfriend's Dog

Wisconsin police say Sheen Cornwell killed the dog for being loud and annoying.
1:22 | 04/08/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Woman Arrested for Hanging Boyfriend's Dog
The owner of the dog and this house didn't want to speak on camera. But as this sign -- tax. He has lots of -- and is an animal lover according to police he came home from work Saturday afternoon to find Cornwell -- -- his dog Lily for being loud and annoying in the garage minutes later Cornwell went into the garage. -- -- to a rafter about eight feet in the air and hung -- on according to her boyfriend Cornwell stayed in the garage until she knew Lilly was dead. This is no this is pretty ugly this written. -- told police she hung -- because she was old and sick when they had actually you know about this indicated that blew the whistle to die anyways and attitudes that according to police persisted through her trip to the courthouse where she was later released to yourself what. What whatever possessed you to do this -- -- amber -- Sorensen from Saint Francis foundation for -- was appalled by the news. It was just it was shocking it was. It was truly heartbreaking that someone would dispose and a dog this way when there's so many places that you could take a -- and can dispose of it. She says animal cruelty is a felony in most states except Iowa she advocates for harsher punishment against animal abusers. She believes this is a terrible event but it could also set the tone for bigger fines and more jail time. This type of cruelty is actually I act of violence and should be recognized as such.

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{"id":18907062,"title":"Woman Arrested for Hanging Boyfriend's Dog","duration":"1:22","description":"Wisconsin police say Sheen Cornwell killed the dog for being loud and annoying.","url":"/US/video/woman-arrested-for-hanging-boyfriends-dog-18907062","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}