Woman in Scooter Receives Police Escort

Officers helped a lost octogenarian several miles away from her house.
2:16 | 06/13/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Woman in Scooter Receives Police Escort
Things move pretty fast on highway 546. Near the US Canadian border. See you can imagine some folks were pretty stunt. All right. Keep I don't know if little opening. When a so called Scott flawed this week. Was a senior citizen. On his scooter. There's no license plates you. It. -- Behind the police whose trooper Dave hicks 24 years with state patrol this. Was a first it was different. If only because people thought he was pulling over the octogenarian. For riding on the highway. People like Andrea route. Have a court as quickly and thank she saw what looked like a low speed chase from our office when. I see this woman come across and a little scooter. And then like oh and then I think the cop kind of Mike I opal. The cars owned dash cam video would end up as she evidence. We're getting that come across all they're very worried about you can view. You've been on and off the road. Turns out the trooper wasn't trying to detained implement just trying to get her home she was Lott missed. For my heels in lots. Look at that is good news. Okay. You know I just treated there the way that I would've wanted somebody to treat my moment. Sue that man escorted this grandma's home letting her drive as fast is that scooter would go six miles an hour. It wasn't always easy. Did we get just. And I didn't get it. After nearly seventy minutes. They need it. Opinion of the. OK it's. So many police pursuits make headlines beastie. But in reality this act was in pursuit. Of kindness. Our motto at the state patrol service with humility and dad took a lot of patience and humility that's. Take care this lady. In Walken Tony Lindsay Cohen. Como foreign news.

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{"duration":"2:16","description":"Officers helped a lost octogenarian several miles away from her house.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"31736069","title":"Woman in Scooter Receives Police Escort","url":"/US/video/woman-scooter-receives-police-escort-31736069"}