Women's March rally kicks off

Thousands gather in D.C. for the rally.
2:10 | 01/19/19

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Transcript for Women's March rally kicks off
We are listening to underneath it turns out Ohio she had. All the thousands of people that are gathering here and wrapped. And are hot link. Group then women aren't that it was originally held here and wanting my heart of the problem and what. Can't remember that have been taking place here today we heard they can't we are waiting not. I'm hammering Clinton obvious way. Impassioned speech you're yeah. You're at one point that that she had gotten going to do it he actually forgot it gives herself. A little bit of the audience. Let's turn it around. There are yeah I was. Want them and didn't saying that they hadn't. And or. Warner walls over the government shut six. It is interested doesn't turner is here today in. Target of controversy. I mentioned. The Democratic National Committee actually pulled their support the N double. ACP and withhold their support but their means any and number. And member of the handedly beat guys being out here in the audience and know that evil. How. Harding today. Including. Several women who said that an arm around. We're not going to be deterred by the allegations of anti undated learned allegations of racism and they felt like it was. Still it. And happy. Day. Muncie in four of the issues that they care about them. Can you can be done those those messages spelled out he. Leon that the lines being hallowed be. Private thousands of people that have.

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{"duration":"2:10","description":"Thousands gather in D.C. for the rally. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"60493864","title":"Women's March rally kicks off","url":"/US/video/womens-march-rally-kicks-off-60493864"}