In her words

#MeToo movement survivor's inspiring podcast.
6:51 | 09/21/18

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This is ABC's Aaron Kanter ski in New York where homer a Gutierrez has returned from what she called her three year exile after she had accused Harvey Weinstein in 2015. A sexual misconduct. ENYPD took up her case but the Manhattan district attorney's office declined to prosecute. She spent time in the Philippines resurrecting her life and battling her depression. Now she is ready to give other women of the so called me to movement of voice. Our interview with armored adherents. You're using your voice. Now in a way that you hadn't before leaving. He has it say that before it was difficult to move being listen. And they really feel bad about that and I'm trying to give voice to other people that. Right now I am trying to do something good because his calling know what words I he. Tuesday's title because it's about trying to express ourself in our own words. I don't care and having lake. Professional people are lake dates for everybody's safe platform where everybody can lake tell their experience and try to inspire others it. I like the title because your words were not always. Heard and that the people. That you invited. I speak with you are people whose words. Are not often heard or or who may have been silenced or who may have been drowned out of larger conversation. Yeah absolutely. For example and either of my gas was convening letting you know. Annie's known for being one of the Starr at the Jersey Shore and everybody knowing him as very funny guy. And then an avid binge he became famous for that. But none in in the puck because he speaks about he's problems that he has. When it anxiety and panic attacks that he has since. He's a kid he was a kid. Other people have these kind of problems and nobody has to be ashamed of it like everyone experienced those sings and we should not be. Scared of sharing and tries who held them. There will be there one there are coming next. Where did you find continue to do this because you could have as he said remained in exile you were living in the Philippines who had friends who had a life. What made you want to come back and and start these conversations. I am always sells health myself. And I'd dated through different. Experience of others I was also likes researching myself different things like overcoming. My depression that I had Taylor Miami. Other weeks said I got and so IE I felt that giving a sort of like instructions to people what to do. To whom it's they create self help in themselves she could've been something interesting. Am pretty putting it altogether in in one pod tests so that someone could they were come themselves to get better. We're about a year into the what people call to me to. Era and you are certainly part of that. What has it come to to mean to you and how is that. Reflected in all of these conversations that you're having and the people you're meeting for me it's a very particular let's say. Government buying and trying to understand. Exactly if brain now we still have that sort of as situation that they had we had like a year ago where. Everyone is trying to let collaborated with the others to help the chatter and how. The others in the future so liked to have this situation off. Sexual assault sexual abuse not happening anymore tied to regulate. That and in some way in. And not just for women I've. Produce says that in in in you mentioned on your podcasts. You've invited men to speak about. Yeah I aimed. Any interviewed them manager and in this collagen a ton cannon about his experience costs are being. Accused of sexual misconduct. He lost his job analysis courier and everything and it it's it's very interesting to hearing him on a side of the starry it it's a very difficult situation. It's they. Food through nicks playing right now he is he has to be heard someone who has been. Such a prominent. Victim. Who want to hear from someone on the other side is is not a conversation that we normally hear what major wanted to on the joint Boller. I AM on the side of did justice Simon on the side of understanding Ferris a situation and every side. But I wanted to give deter and still every one to explain themselves especially in in his situation where someone. Is almost on news. On the point of suicide inning after losing everything. And so on lake I feel that nobody shrewd. Deserve death. Did you imagine yourself in this scenario as a conversation starter. Even in trim about that. Probably lungs and now my competitive. Real and they having its reign nine feeling it and realizing. That is something that is happening is it's a real we are you think this movement is. Is going it week week. Because it started and a very dark place. Or is it. Is it headed beef meets who is not also associated with acting on what happen. That room would not be something useful for a future. Because like telling your story a case something new each and I admire everybody that had dentists trying to do to do that. But it then. Tried to all soul goal and kept held by aided the right people. The police go to fly hale a lawsuit or something that -- stop someone from doing its who's from what I somebody else. Podcasts is called in our words ever thanks so much into semi introducing me. The model now activists armed and Gutierrez in our conversation here in New York she accused Harvey Weinstein is sexual misconduct in her case was handled by the NYPD but ultimately. Manhattan district attorney's office declined to prosecute she is still battling in her native Italy. In a civil lawsuit against former prime ministers Silvio Berlusconi. And Aaron Kanter ski New York. Are watching ABC news life.

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