Wounded Marine Vet Helps Other Vets Through Equine Therapy

Lyndon Ortiz is giving hope and purpose to other wounded veterans.
3:00 | 11/26/13

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Transcript for Wounded Marine Vet Helps Other Vets Through Equine Therapy
And endlessly in the northeast us or with the United States Marine Corps has some -- -- now -- -- -- -- was providing equine therapy for the right. -- was my childhood dream to be a marine since. Since I was -- years old. That they had turned seventy and -- want to -- office and to sign the papers revealing the true I was stationed in Camp Lejeune North Carolina. And deploy to Iraq immediately after graduating -- school. On July -- -- was and a patrol one or vehicles what's already hit by an ID. -- we were quick reaction force sent to help them out. And on the way there -- -- plan ideas a group of front of you. And I -- under the vehicle lost consciousness I don't remember much of that day it took me out long time to figure out what was wrong means as far as -- -- the end. I think no way any of that was on the you know that in -- eighteen went -- It's -- -- treatment program Miami. Which helped -- understand what was throwing me away for the -- Might run by behavior. And after that started my journey to recovery and -- -- organization for the mission continues I was looking for a place a volunteer and I. -- -- -- -- -- Learn about. Henry -- an equestrian -- that is designed to serve individuals with disabilities. And -- -- to serve veterans who are recovering from posttraumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury. Of course is going revenue while weren't. -- -- -- with the disabled kids. And eventually those fascinating. We want to -- veterans for anything -- hope. And that's when I started recruiting my friends. When a fellow veterans landed. He he came to us is that they they had this this was -- -- program it to start now here. Dear heavenly -- and it gave me a purposes became something to do gave -- something to look forward to. And from this right here I'm joined other programs -- myself back in school so much. It took me a lot of work used to go to guys to do -- nobody wonders from and so that was pushing inflation and a pretty much forced some of them. Some of them were you afraid of horses that -- drier than. Justified -- -- -- the other one started. -- and -- -- through grade I'd never actually written. Horses though that was before my interior. Before coming on here to Florida meeting Seymour it is the -- that -- -- get real -- The head of the troop deployment planning. Are seeing hope in some of the guys you know someone so -- -- -- home there's there weren't doing anything is. -- -- -- -- -- And -- they look forward for. Tuesday's when they're riding horses the ones that whenever they're doing so as -- something. Exciting for them to do. -- -- Then what most people would caller raving fan and that's the key to success in so many ways because veterans. Have a history -- -- stay on the couch and not get out because it's different when you come back to civilian life and so he testified to his. Fellow veterans and it hurts and cannot find the medicine -- mountain. -- I think the therapies are they're obviously not doing his job as an exclusive twenty. Whose list. -- -- -- -- -- -- If frequent there it might it might work for us I'm not -- -- As nutter wants an enforceable. I see you work for -- that we have here we have Dolan continues in your amputees severe to mild it is. And if the words that -- their hope that this is bigger push. Better in the incident I think. Why not do -- you know.

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{"id":21016950,"title":"Wounded Marine Vet Helps Other Vets Through Equine Therapy","duration":"3:00","description":"Lyndon Ortiz is giving hope and purpose to other wounded veterans.","url":"/US/video/wounded-marine-vet-helps-vets-equine-therapy-21016950","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}