The Wrap: 5/06/14

I-15 Collapses after Bridge Fire, Ex-Christie Staff Member Testifies in Bridge Inquiry, Hillary Clinton Reveals a Guilty Pleasure.
2:16 | 05/06/14

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Transcript for The Wrap: 5/06/14
-- A nightmare on interstate fifteen -- construction workers. Blowtorch ignited wooden supports on that bridge that collapsed caught on camera. The fire itself let's -- in space debris crashing down onto the freeway below it could be closed for days. There's no question as what these guys did. Wild jump off the tallest commercial building in America -- -- base jumpers who left off one world. -- landing in some legal trouble for the stunt burglary reckless endangerment both felony charges and -- pleaded not guilty during a brief court appearance today. Was -- a mistake. He had no knowledge of -- involvement in. The bridge lane closures she led by saying I didn't know anything about this to lane closures. -- countered with -- well yes she did it and I you know -- about it and that's when the two started to change. Act and sat down local -- -- The terrorist group that kidnapped him. 300 girls now threatening to sell them for the wave of outrage is growing the hash -- bring back our girls gone viral. In my book that -- -- is -- -- -- But every day that passes it will become more difficult to find the girl. They -- warning about the financial and environmental impact of climate change happening now changing climate creating impacts. Everywhere in the country's places that are now -- gonna get wetter and places that are now -- gonna get -- today the White House is releasing what's being called. The most comprehensive review of climate change in more than a decade. Outlining new rules on emissions at -- My pleasure. -- It means slogans and was -- civilians. In the news luscious and the instability -- What is your guilty pleasure. I did app and its surrounding him you know the G rated one -- -- -- Clinton. Chocolate. That's -- guilty pleasure.

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{"id":23613860,"title":"The Wrap: 5/06/14","duration":"2:16","description":"I-15 Collapses after Bridge Fire, Ex-Christie Staff Member Testifies in Bridge Inquiry, Hillary Clinton Reveals a Guilty Pleasure.","url":"/US/video/wrap-50614-23613860","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}