Window Washers Hang From WTC Scaffolding

The scaffold containing two workers is trapped around the 68th floor.
3:03 | 11/12/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Window Washers Hang From WTC Scaffolding
Look what I'm Dan clip for New York with some breaking news word from lower Manhattan right now a scaffolding at the new one World Trade Center tower here in New York City. Has become disabled on the outside of the building there 01 of the cables those attaching one of those scaffolding there had snapped. And right now emergency crews are working to try to secure that scaffolding that is nightly on the outside there at this point officials are saying that there are two people. On the scaffold. As this was happening just about an hour ago right now a command center has been set up at the base of one World Trade Center. As rescue crews are trying to figure out exactly the best way to get to those window washers that are trapped on that scaffold. I wanna bring in our air and Kirstie who is down on the scene aired what are we hearing. Well I I don't know what you're hearing what I'm seeing and and I got to be one West Street right across the street from one world trade editors speak. Skyscrapers it's just opened to the public it's meant to replace what was lost on 9/11. And at about that it be more there is some window watchers have public. Right now it. Angle the fire department says there aren't many greet workers and stressed the Port Authority which runs the site as many as two workers and the strip. We're waiting to speak to go. The official confirmation. I can also see right now at eight they broke a lying down toward that's scaffolding. Trying to stabilize the fire department is on scene there working on some kind of I angle rescue. Air and what we're looking at right now essentially you can see the sort of the bottom the scalpel in there that's actually outward that's facing the ground. But it's like about a 65 degree angle. For the one side where the cable had snapped. How high up how far up is the scaffolding on the building. This is this is it about that sixtieth floor so officially about how. Away up but could meet the naked eye and you probably about closer shot camera. But it looks eight even higher than that about two thirds of the way up this is a 100 or story tower. And there were always questions are you got a lot trouble windows and it's now we can see a legitimate concern. As certain as workers are dangling from the scaffolding. I can see you reading right at the top of the building PD big expired it. This brought it to a symbolic height 776. B. And that that is our air and and that that equipment has the rigging or these window watchers commuter. Editors think and he did this scaffolding. He spoke collapsed. Are within the hour or so and it ballots. That the apartment block it is paying it it's quite an angle. Is any history they're from this wider vantage point exactly just kind of proportion of how high up those winner watchers. Are trapped up there are a local affiliate WABC is actually now reporting in effect that's gaffe when he is just outside of the 68 floor so higher up than initially thought there.

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{"duration":"3:03","description":"The scaffold containing two workers is trapped around the 68th floor. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"26864974","title":"Window Washers Hang From WTC Scaffolding","url":"/US/video/wtc-window-washers-hang-scaffolding-26864974"}