9-Year-Old Abstract Painter Opens Solo Show in Famed Museum

Meet the painting prodigy who started her career as a toddler.
3:00 | 09/30/16

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Transcript for 9-Year-Old Abstract Painter Opens Solo Show in Famed Museum
He experience and my. Ancients really loudly and I just feel free and wonderful and I expressed my hearings and you can. Thinking of a disciplinary inquiry are a horse or dying still somewhere and change the flow of Hank. Looks a tiny bit by denying myself. Hello and I news any time Jack and abstract painting and then you sound. Almost all was invited to the and musician. You can't use it can homeland but that she muzzle was driven to something visual. Particular that I can on Mosul and she crawled to the campus and in just a hundred. Sort of pressing on the news them scoring the tying down and kind of mixing it around if he absolutely loved it and that's dimensional side happy. Exhibition wrestling tease out on the Adler Knight can actually can't. Saying they took it straight to Gary Payton who tell test yet I'm telling adults. He accepted and that's how my trust. If you rate he rang me up he says. Why didn't tell me for this as a child thank you moms don't warning about anything she still goes ahead the student BC because I didn't change my. My opinion about whether what discount. There was a medial fuel. The rounding idly through their exhibition that was and that salute salute sensation for good and bad pop ups of the law obviously. Would devastate. Because of that she was invited to stage a solo action in America. And she was four years old it's been four shows in New York. It's being an institutional and Hong Kong easily. Longtime China. I was invited to do collaborative. Work of art with another artists I never realized how young she was until I actually arrived incentive. The ultimate experience was incredible because it turns out at least was this extremely talented brilliant little kid. As I watched truly mesmerized the way she's spontaneous and he is her work is quite unpredictable my uncle and immoral he he loved those happy accidents. And I was straddling and loud jarring response during my bike I daily and enjoy anything hot from listens. Cannot keep hearing nine and seeking it and Arab nations called mainly through magical land. When Sal wax print it's going into we need plants came inducted. Plus income the wacky and licking creek Jack he apparently wants to be an analyst. Friend son he Nyhan flown. That's planned that day at camp when Lynn ski solved. Some people saying. John is absolutely candles because plant Laviolette said because he's praying and people have sad feeling young to me. Play Terry hill this morning like that. Usually when it comes time to time shanks and he actually come to think. I plan Allen playing eighteen like publicly he's doing he man on the evening constant thing. A New London to be used. KE. Six. And on its tanks and parents. Slightly. They need me Hershey. She. Yeah. Did meaning you next. Car I don't know how much rates to see if the end and in. I had I consolidation as a form I think it was wonderful to have it especially national. I feel very wonderful and ask. Amazing and then a few beds. So much suspense and so might sit in their lives. From these. Paintings. And if they're only human him I didn't look at that it is human and quickly adjustments. This matter could be sentenced to be thank. I want actually traveling and rang and I and I'm going to be painted an Austin and I act analysts say island lie to me. Her.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Meet the painting prodigy who started her career as a toddler.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"42370422","title":"9-Year-Old Abstract Painter Opens Solo Show in Famed Museum","url":"/US/video/year-abstract-painter-opens-solo-show-famed-russian-42370422"}