One year since Camp Fire in Paradise, Calif.

Paradise, Calif. struggles to rebuild one year after one of the deadliest fires in history broke out.
5:27 | 11/08/19

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Transcript for One year since Camp Fire in Paradise, Calif.
OK guys so we moved to California I'm still grappling with the aftermath of those massive wildfires. And today we mark the one year anniversary of one of the deadliest. And most destructive blazes the camp fire and burned through paradise California now will car. Is on the ground in pair Dyson joins us. With more. Will you were right there when those fires broke out can you just remind us of what that experience was like. Well Kimberly it is really hard to believe that has been a year and you concede at that phase of this city here in paradise is still extremely scar this is what's left. Of the McDonald's you can see all the equipment that is still charred the outside of the walls here with a brick knocked over in fact you still have. The pieces of the roof these shingles just scattered. On the ground here we've got up here. In the afternoon when the camp fire broke out the fire broke out in the morning we got up here in the afternoon flew off. From Al lamps. And I've covered a lot of fires over the last decade in this is the worst fire I've ever seen it was the fastest moving fire when we were driving up here. There is a massive plume of smoke up into the air. Like us that we can appear during the afternoon and we got when we got up into the city a paradise it was pitch black. In everything was on fire we got into a neighborhood and homes were burning every single minute take a look at what we saw. Didn't they flame shooting out the roof of their permanent check out this tree right here. You have flames shooting hundreds of feet up into the air this entire community have drawn to the ground everything here is gone. Really hard to describe just how intense that situation was and it. Took us hot dates to realize the extent of all of the damage across this area thousands of homes that. Burned out businesses as well as cars and as you walk along you can actually still see the signs of everything that happened one year ago today checked out that car in the distance with the hood flipped up that's charred. In the days after this fire we were going through the streets and we saw hundreds and hundreds of those cars and it just reminded you. All of the people who had little to no warning about this fire trying to drive out and we're surrounded by the fire. It in you know being the deadliest fire in California's history with 85 people. Who were killed a little bit later today Kimberly they're gonna take. 85 seconds of silence around 11 AM here to mark a tribute for all the victims to. Yeah and will have even able to talk to any of the families that live in this neighborhood. Absolutely had and you know a couple things that I want to point out to you and that's changed a lot in the last year you can look govern you can see the traffic light that's on you'll see some traffic driving back and forth there are signs of life there are some people who are living here but. Not that many so you had. 141000. Homes have burned across this area thousands of people were displaced all across the region some left entirely some decided to states. In the county we spoke with one Fam late. They got in an RV and they didn't know what to do so they started driving across the country trying to figure out where they wanted to live next. They went to turn 45 states and the mom tells me that ultimately they decided to come back. To this county because her son went to paradise high school and wanted to finish his senior year this year at the high school. With all of his friends take a listen to what she Tillman. Anytime. Your face with a tragedy. What are your choices. You either get up. And move forward or you just completely give up and I think for the town of paradise and for all of us that lived here. We couldn't give up this is our home. In a lot of the residents tell us that when they're coming back up here and they're seeing the demolition endings they're seeing that foundations of where the homes in the businesses use to be. They were still store crying they'll still shed a tear when they see all of this the destruction other so tell us that they really have seen signs of progress here in for that and that's very uplifting it's inspiring because. Even if they're not living in paradise right now like so many people are not they do plan on coming back at some point although. That is eight that's a work in progress has probably gonna take years before this is actually a town where everybody can live hearing. Generally yeah well and I just imagine before we go that people might have fear that this did happen again especially seeing all those dangers wildfires. Blazing last week. Yeah absolutely one thing that a lot of people of question up here is why they haven't put the power lines underground like you have in other parts of the country. You'll remember actually this fire was started by a transmitter that was PG&E is the largest utility companies. In this date as a result of all this PG India started shutting off power. This year when there's been hot red flag warnings and a threat out fires across here but. Because of everything that happened here residents or a little antsy because basically PG and is just come up and you have you can see the power poles right here. These are just all been replaced who's who all burned and destroyed a year ago. Today there are backed up and of course everybody here is always worried about the next wildfire. Generally all right will car right there in paradise California thank you so much for joining us.

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{"duration":"5:27","description":"Paradise, Calif. struggles to rebuild one year after one of the deadliest fires in history broke out.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66852162","title":"One year since Camp Fire in Paradise, Calif.","url":"/US/video/year-camp-fire-paradise-calif-66852162"}