6-year-old Florida boy dies from rabies after bat scratch

A Florida boy died after contracting rabies from a bat he was trying to help.
1:38 | 01/16/18

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Transcript for 6-year-old Florida boy dies from rabies after bat scratch
An exhibit about how to make this is video of six year old riker Roca and a fishing trip with his dad who told me tonight they were as close as a father and son could ever be. He shared the video and these pictures of reichert and told me he wants the world to know how much he loved his son but I've never a lot of anyone or anything. More several weeks ago Henry Roca found the six bat in the headed in a bucket but told riker not to touch it. Even after he told his dad the bat scratched him riker didn't show any symptoms until a few weeks later. When he started having hallucinations and convulsions they rushed him to the hospital where they confirmed he had the rabies infection. Even as riker underwent an experimental procedure for the rabies infection doctors told the family he had virtually no chance of surviving. But his dad held out hope until the very end. I've seen huge miracles before and and I went back on the bed and late with him and held them and I said. Breaker miracles happen every day I know you hear me. At the Christian academy preschool in Eustace that riker used to attend he's being remembered as a happy and quiet little boy adored by teachers and classmates. He is very sweet boy. Everything he did was nice the kids loved to play with him because he was the kind of skid. The school is now preparing a book to warn other students about the dangers of touching unfamiliar animals this donation box at the school's front desk is to help the family pay medical bills and now funeral expenses. Yet the best personality and cities are angels. Flood above my head and but just over the all of those are just hallucinations but I don't want to believe that.

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{"duration":"1:38","description":"A Florida boy died after contracting rabies from a bat he was trying to help.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"52382667","title":"6-year-old Florida boy dies from rabies after bat scratch","url":"/US/video/year-florida-boy-dies-rabies-bat-scratch-52382667"}