2-year-old hospitalized after being hit in the head by foul ball at Astros game

Fans asking for higher nets after a 2-year-old was hospitalized with skull fractures after being hit by a foul ball.
3:46 | 06/27/19

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Transcript for 2-year-old hospitalized after being hit in the head by foul ball at Astros game
And guys who move wants a baseball in the ongoing debate. Over the stadium netting so fans don't get injured remember it two year old young Astros fan who was hit by F now Molly and a game last month. Absolutely devastating and emotional to watch and now we know that the injury was far worse than anyone could ever guessed I'm joined by. Policy heiress with more they are being mayor good to see and I want to ask you what is it. The damage and injury to this two year old prayer you can tell an adult but they're found out their hot downer notches to and pay attention to gain when he what do you tell it to your own this two year old. Suffered severe head injuries a skull fracture the seizure in the hospital. He she was hospitalized for several day she's gonna be reevaluated in July. But for the meat in the meantime she's on an anti seizure medication. She and her family they were sitting just outside of the protective netting the protective netting. Right now on most ballparks that goes from right behind home plate just to the house and about her family was just about ten feet outside pass so we're calling car. Absolutely and I remember after this happened we had them ESPN's Jeff passed and on when he was just making the case that. The teams have to do something or it's going to happen to someone else someone can sky and just this week another woman was actually hit at a doctors and someone did die last year so. Earlier this week least a woman get hit by a line drive foul ball at its a Dodgers game she was hospitalized she's recovered last year an elderly woman. Died at a dot after getting hit by foul ball. The ball actually went over the nanny in that situation she died from subsequent injuries. In right now Major League baseball's stance and policy is. That you have to have netting from behind home plate to the dugout. Beyond that it's up to the stadiums and it's up to the team so far we saw the doctor's reaction to this woman who got hit last week. They've decided to extend the nanny in Chicago White Sox. They're taking day indeed the largest steps they're gonna extend and adding all the way to the foul pole holes in the outfield the Washington Nationals. Are doing so is cloud cap finally finally but that's only three. Of the thirty Major League Baseball teams the players really want this to you they want a safe environment what he's not laying yeah as well it's it's it's really up. It's up to each stadium an inch keep up to each team which have to imagine there's gonna allow more pressure on Major League Baseball and it got the major league baseball players association's conservative pressure. I'm penalty as well can the fans sued the teens when this happened tried can bus or something that's called the baseball rule. Which means essentially Kimberly that you assume. The risk and liability and getting injured if you've ever onto a baseball game their signs everywhere. Be aware of flying baseballs and flying bats. It's even on the fine print of your ticket turn your ticket around and read it and it says that you. As the consumer. I'm an as the fans assume the liability if you go to a baseball game we have seen in the past. Lawsuits injury lawsuits being filed they don't really go anywhere because of the platter of warnings. In this particular situation to that case of this little girl was two year old their family has hired a prominent attorney we don't know what they're gonna proceed. With any sort of injury lawsuit that's to be determined but what that will about lawyers pushing for he's pushing masters to extend and adding pop. It's unbelievable. It's unbelievable and heart still breaks for the little girl but I'm just happy that. She's alive she's alive again she's gonna be reassessed next month she remains on the anti seizure medication. We're all pulling for reminder we all have to pay attention when go to baseball games this is a two year over talking about an analyst at home Paula. Extend the net gain in and we really don't have to have this conversation yes absolutely thank you for joining me to Donahue and in the studio.

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{"duration":"3:46","description":"Fans asking for higher nets after a 2-year-old was hospitalized with skull fractures after being hit by a foul ball.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63992442","title":"2-year-old hospitalized after being hit in the head by foul ball at Astros game","url":"/US/video/year-hospitalized-hit-head-foul-ball-astros-game-63992442"}