Year in Review: News

A look back at the most significant events of 2015.
4:20 | 12/22/15

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Transcript for Year in Review: News
A seven. Point eight magnitude earthquake centered in doubtful about searching this team has brought this young man out of this building and he has a lot of hit in the chaos Mount Everest the Airbus A 320 crashed in the French ounce horrifying realization uncle pilot had every intention to destroy that plane. Tangible proof that at least 370 crashed into the Indian Ocean prince George is now a Big Brother. Rolling out great Jack them up why and was killed by an American dentists Mexico's most notorious drug dealer is now also its most wanted man. Salem Mueller held by ice is now confirmed dead Sheila has touched the heart of an attack on packed train spoiled like quick thinking American pass out or just sitting on the shoulders it was go off the plane with more than 200 people on board went down in Egypt's. Today during his staff meeting at the Charlie had doe offices. The greatest refugee crisis the Second World War the people are coming equipment and we anger frustration COLT chaos. And breasts under attack from terrorists had six separate locations at least 129. Pill will be slightly in here. They won't the suspects. Now we'll Bob Dylan need of food he's dead. And the deadliest terror attack on our homeland since nobody loves. I wrote on the cover the road. Perot can touch me in the league and made their plans to attack. Well in advance there's been a bad shooting at a community college in southern Oregon and somehow this has become routine gunfire ripping through this Louisiana movie theater live in the year when a gunman opened by his ex. Exchanging gunfire with them -- sign is Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood horrific tragedy in Charleston used to ward church 21 year old Dylan room has been caught we have no room for hate. To have in this. Jordan moment set in motion by the killing thousands gathered in Selma to remember that day. It's taken very important in my life and ugly and in Baltimore. Are still searching for answers. After the death of 29 year old Freddy gray Sandra Wednesday that it Texas jailed east sparking outrage police officer Michael Slater fires eight times at Walter Scott he would in my. Oh. Another company 88 human counting on union. Many comparing it to the plot in Shawshank redemption the massive manhunt. Finally over an Amtrak train derailed in Philadelphia going more than a hundred miles per hour verdict is in the death penalty for jars are now I have he wanted to go to hell and he's gonna get there early. I sentenced defendant to life imprisonment James Holmes received twelve consecutive life sentences a record broken Boston buried under snow more than 1000 firefighters battling 65 wildfires this is a disaster this pristine shoreline now oily mess it's the biggest breakthrough yet liquid water has been found on Mars. Touching down there. Truly committed to anything. A handshake five decades in the making former house speaker Dennis pastor guilty to a felony banking charge I have been racking my brain about what war could have been done an eleven hour hearing about the 2012 attacks on the US diplomatic closed. Another. President Obama's health care law I love. Things experience now the law of the land but that does not mean everyone is on board behind authority under god or. United States has reached historic understanding of the rock what a stunning. Historic. Mystic the US is sending special operations forces to Syria this it's not pipeline. It's a lifeline keystone XL pipeline. Would not serve the national interest. It was the inner you heard round the world for all intents and purposes I am a woman the longest running late night show host ever. So stage one last time. Jon Stewart signing off for them last time the fourth. Has the weekend. Anticipated film we've.

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{"duration":"4:20","description":"A look back at the most significant events of 2015.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"35909469","title":"Year in Review: News","url":"/US/video/year-review-news-35909469"}