New York Brothers Return Veteran's War Medals

Medals found in antique shop traced to Charles George, who died in the Korean War.
3:00 | 11/12/12

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Transcript for New York Brothers Return Veteran's War Medals
At a ceremony honoring larger than life veterans two little boys take center stage absolutely. Amazing. What an unlikely -- That may explain in great detail. How they were able to make contact. We wrote -- US senators. Congress -- The veterans in the illustrations. And moving to present an undeniable insults. Michael Mazur LO is ten and his brother Mario just -- loan program would keep -- -- from. -- a New York State antique shop they were just looking for GI Joseph adults. What they ended up with -- three medals and a link to a mountain treasurer and an American hero. And I'm not asking me it was -- and -- -- It was worth the sleepless nights there isn't worth the long hours -- me search. Those medals awarded to Charles George known as the quiet warrior from bird town in Korea killed in combat in 1952. His family knew he was recognized with the medal of honor only recently his nephew find out there was so much more. We're always tell alleges that the medal of honor there of -- you know I'm we didn't. We know about the other -- -- Now they also know George was recognized with a purple heart bronze star in an army good conduct medal. A mystery how those honors ended up for sale in New York until the -- zarrella boys stepped it. I think it feels great now we finally me. Then why -- down. -- -- -- The -- total nearly six decades since they've been in the hands of the George -- -- -- -- Accepted by a proud -- there really blows a new way because this just. News she'll bow -- -- -- meanwhile the boys did get their GI Joseph. We were looking for Guillen jolly is a real unmarried -- -- analogy the true American hero John King joins.

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{"id":17703029,"title":"New York Brothers Return Veteran's War Medals","duration":"3:00","description":"Medals found in antique shop traced to Charles George, who died in the Korean War.","url":"/US/video/young-brothers-york-return-veterans-war-medals-17703029","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}