7-Year-Old Phenom 'Flying Squirrel' Takes Surfing World by Storm

Meet quite possibly the best child surfer in the world.
3:00 | 09/30/16

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Transcript for 7-Year-Old Phenom 'Flying Squirrel' Takes Surfing World by Storm
I think kidney and when I Tillis said. Our offense stagnate and then. Katzman Wang isn't fencing to be beat. Thank you Trinidad and of the time. And twenty signings. I'm not sad thing and sending me note. Little surfer making big wave started in multiples bonded in a home at Centralia. Yes perfect world yeah. I'm really remarkable young girl we'll throw you wish somehow managed to become a surfing prodigy. So it isn't really country can sport in this there's a lot of Baptist no undue control. We'll really just sliding around. On border on a piece of lost deal sending. He's doing insurance and you know what skills I think Quincy is actually really threatens. You know you see someone so young just piling up there and being like you know what I deserved to be he. I mean it's it's actually a really cool thing. She always was awarded night. The very first day she actually went surfing was on Monday night. I. During their life reflected sending anything. And that until my plan. On stands until our own homes low toward an ankle when my old I think I can inflation heat before I came. Finally something to actually daily form I. That we took it down to. The beach and with that it is lots maybe ten or fifteen minutes. And Chris he just did not want to get out of the water and the I'd like we can get it believed was to promise that she'd get to get back again tomorrow. Which is smiling and laughing and then how many times you fell off existing pattern is so much fun. Let's let's. Oh we're in for it like being for Wang thinks that he. By the end of two weeks it was pretty evident that he would definitely something that we have been spent a lot of time doing this at every guy. Some days I Alice. So if before Allen's company had some food have some more. Have a risk than they don't suffer before Alice. I've never seen anything like we've seen before you know I like. When when we grow up as as the policies through and gets out there and and gives a guy who thought she did have something special about. Her first competition queens he was only four years old and she did in fact. Actually win. Teaching Quincy lose was quite remarkable. I think the biggest thing that really stood out as the fact. That she gets cut back the. It turned into different won't return fees and from things. Friends coming. Current fiscal land lots of fruits and how then we'll blow. That despite being flown to its own goal percent of my own slew will be less painful death but won't spend a lot of them won't. When that thing of the fence plan from. It's. We've had very very mixed reactions what had people. Abuse me on that agent in the water because how can you take that child that their initial so if possible and I like. I don't really understand what I'm saying news. What people aren't aware of is the amount of work that that Quincy put him behind the same instant today you know the sessions. The more extreme conditions. Like he's. My days and hurts me live canceled its jungle sound that can patent Obama and cultural life. We'll assess her screaming and making mass transit spokesman gave thinking. She actually fairly aggressive about. Things that she does she if she wants to do something she ports 120%. Into it were. I wouldn't solve a lot of things sent formal. I actual. Let me. Yeah. She will set her final she often get a cup of coffee ready for me. Coming Mike man and say let's spend money. And I. Oh. And I think we'll that he tells me with two months ago when she tries of answering the sample costs and he's really. Recent question today and I I find that admirable Ellis heads and food group. Loss. What makes it would separate the bats well. It's like. It's like options. It's like playing an instrument you know you've you've got to have a sense of law the ones that really stand out of the ones that make it look effortless. Quincy united she definitely has. He's read them with the Irish and that is part remarkable. There's another reason why he thinks he could Bain officials said Bob. You know I was actually really start that I have such a great connection with the nation itself to be on page a lot of them really top level athletes have special connection with the voters will. But yet when you growing up. I really truly believe that the best senses the winds have been nice fun she looks like she's definitely have a lot of fun as well especially as the lines. Fannie having him not to paint from your thoughts today. Violence ties with. An African and I am tough on Pakistan. And that thing from. Feeling it here at ninth in ninety. And then crime night. I'm on. Mobile. I'm feeling than anything from but and then. The name and that. Spot that fifteenth. Paint. Can pain agony. And I think mining and. Who got. The question we get out the law is. A pitch count went ahead of the world champion I was laughing so he called them terrorists out playing tennis in for a fight he has. And though because if you happy with that it's. It's not my goal and achieve anything in particular on just excited to see. Uses to contain me who told congress sent and I. And then an acting class and I have an option he said. Before if that ain't the place called I kind of it's as the price could jointly between them I don't think spots and sent. Wolf is Sean Penn. I concert Wednesday when I picked her up from. When Dylan and that the senate can't remember this putting me just happen like an implicit. I was second check. Patrick is another really crazy crazy things that break. But she is sorry to ten men to guard there Wednesday that he. Seceding. And attendant went well you really should listening. I cannibalizing a request I think he's he's thinking about. And they stepping. It is definitely something special. Asking. Tonight evil connection with the ruling and then he can be news inaction in the sweet kind and self worth. They're estimating that if that peaks feeding infant seat thanks yes and I turned. Yeah.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Meet quite possibly the best child surfer in the world.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"41432457","title":"7-Year-Old Phenom 'Flying Squirrel' Takes Surfing World by Storm","url":"/US/video/young-gifted-year-phenom-flying-squirrel-takes-surfing-41432457"}