Young Girl Survives Abduction Attempt by Two Men

9-year-old kicks, punches and screams her way to freedom.
3:00 | 04/06/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Young Girl Survives Abduction Attempt by Two Men
These are two best friends Brickell -- -- nine years old Savannah Norman six. And this is what they love most in thing -- can't bring in doing plant. The two girls -- directly across the street from one another -- -- but yesterday a startling surprise -- -- tried to cross. Violent meadow street to return home. Who are well placed him -- blue and Kunming. I well have links I think to me. You guys can know and what happened next is every -- -- -- it couldn't move but -- Smart moves -- -- on in my house. And house. She made her mom. Very proud what's the number one thing that you did yesterday got everybody's attention around this morning never had -- I can't even stranger danger this six year old knows well come from room to change me. They smiled a legal limit -- former front window and dashed out the door my heart was pounding in my heart still like. Nine year old -- held lot's front steps away hanging in standing. Canceled a dangerous situation isn't let cool direct rail plays Smart little girl -- -- and thanks clean war Hal no idea how war and who remembered the right thing to do. I'm -- -- it has not wrong because. I know what happened yesterday was very scary for all of us.

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{"id":23213728,"title":"Young Girl Survives Abduction Attempt by Two Men","duration":"3:00","description":"9-year-old kicks, punches and screams her way to freedom.","url":"/US/video/young-girl-survives-abduction-attempt-men-23213728","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}