A Young Kim Jong-Un Inspires Grouplove Video

"Ways To Go" tops Spotify's Top 5 Viral Songs List
6:05 | 06/18/13

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Transcript for A Young Kim Jong-Un Inspires Grouplove Video
They're the most viral song of the week Spotify top five songs and got Shannon cook Spotify trend experts around on the list and have a great time with this -- -- day and Amy round. Yeah and you don't we don't want -- -- that because the liability could be just astronomical -- and oh and by the way I want those back after Saturday. Her her -- what -- this week it's kind of a rock theme this week it Leavitt -- never -- -- list. This is a great little from a folk singer Jack Johnson I got you. -- -- And our god had created. Yeah she. I loved his how relax -- is becoming ill and he can't he can't really don't -- really be weak. Jack. He not only did he release Disney's single but he stepped in as the hero of the -- these. -- -- Mumford and sons had to pull out as the headliner at the last minute because their -- -- to have emergency brain surgery at a club his brain. Stay here -- Jack stepped in as the headline news. It's just -- -- again. Very cool he is -- total killed -- that this is like. Put this on a Saturday afternoon you can get some comfort I'm seeking delivery -- zone poor -- up. Berry gave them like any son has a chance of relaxing me that the greatest at that time. You got -- -- -- -- the list this is our Guerrero to -- segment got to be renamed after -- second with -- -- Seriously didn't come running out of meetings this is -- -- days ago we took about a story. She was what seventeen we started and she's got 26 -- -- -- she's sixteen I think she's sixteen Thursday may have spared. You know all the more extraordinary in -- she's been -- a favorite with Spotify eases and listens to her for about eight weeks she's been on this list I mean the fact is I'm but at this point it's not even a matter being viral -- you were pretty mainstay and running back at present -- -- and we -- to grates on if you haven't heard by now frankly. You haven't seen. Intentional clearly. Number three adolescents than usual -- Pink Floyd wish you were here don't wanna hear the facts or -- why this one made a victory okay. So you think you. Look innocent Pink Floyd head in terms and embrace Spotify. What they did was stage and it gave us this song last week and they -- -- if it passes the one million stream on Spotify. We will and keep you guys inspire an -- -- -- back catalog. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now leaving -- absolutely every. Pink Floyd song album on Spotify -- and we're we're very excited about this. -- little money this morning as I saw that those kind of you know going to the whole -- Pink Floyd album the whole roster I love and the fact of the matter is that's what the cool things are not getting paid to plug this that's relevant client out of Philadelphia Suffolk. We'll talk later -- -- -- that's when things argue about Spotify is that you obviously you discover new artists but the same time it's like you those classics come back yeah. Make some really -- play lists. Definitely and -- and it's great firm Pink Floyd too because they're able to share their music we've crafts and new generation and says people a couple of albums really what is. Here. -- number two on the list with -- -- -- civil wars calling the one that got away. -- How -- still in love this woman's voice -- means absolutely gorgeous place. This isn't really interesting due -- it. This great fire -- to -- -- Last year when he could -- leads that they were at their peak right they basically announced that they were not -- to to her again and their reason was really quite funny they said. Internal -- will it end here reckon -- asylum -- differences -- ambition I believe is resigning his upcoming divorce in the state of California Healy thinks but. Contrary to what makes people believe they're not actually a couple -- dining but they're married to a good thing that dynamics quarterly works and I love -- really does it. Anyway even though they said we're not tearing anymore and Hudson gas launchers. They're still producing music as evidenced by his lovely song hurt or my -- that we heard stories is is totally mesmerizing it's. Please keep it civil civil -- and -- people bringing us these grades and. We're all winners in this battle. Number one of the perfect followed up. From that is that feel good song definitely do the trick -- this is group love. -- ago. This is this us. A high NG -- and I really really enjoyed it and if so really really -- -- music being very very cute they're obviously depicting a young. -- -- on here although they didn't get enough particularly. Head of prosperity but one play again exactly that that they shut its in a rundown house -- -- I think they had run -- house announced that it -- was coming policies. -- -- oxy moron and I love this side has the funds on the run to as well. This can't say -- -- skeleton can't say Regan then a ship Donna fourteenth street maybe I don't let's just look at. -- -- -- -- Group club and there we have the top five Spotify viral videos of the week -- -- always great to see you thanks for having me to -- here.

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{"duration":"6:05","description":"\"Ways To Go\" tops Spotify's Top 5 Viral Songs List ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"19430905","title":"A Young Kim Jong-Un Inspires Grouplove Video ","url":"/US/video/young-kim-jong-inspires-grouplove-video-19430905"}