How the youth can help older generations process fake news

Naeemah Clark, an associate professor at Elon University, explains how to talk to your family about understanding what is and is not fake news.
5:58 | 08/02/19

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Transcript for How the youth can help older generations process fake news
As you know we're living in an information age of 24/7 news cycle always on always on the phone and social media it's a bit chaotic in. Off in a bit anxiety inducing but a magic cure a generation that some two. A generation or two older and trying to sort through the technology of at all he may not be as savvy asked figuring out what's the real and what it's fake news so it's a problem even a new report showing that people 65 and older shares seven times as many articles from fake news site as those 29 or younger so how do you address this well we asked. A few people what they thought tickle. It's really hard to have conversations when it. Dignitaries expected her relationships with the news and with those different conversations you update thanks claiming there's a lot of people out there that don't help. And become a time when the news Liz next need to be got a. I seen her here. Show me the big that she's ease and I. Right away let her know bomb this isn't reality that I'm she believes in me and she understands and seeing us but whenever I'm not there. Pull up. At the Senate's number. I. Not good. Check reliable sources. More than planes so it's important for me and that's where. All right so you see the younger generation there's trying to communicate and I want to bring and I aim at Clark on she's an expert in diversity in media. And an associate professor at Elon University. And you're gonna tell us how to work through this and I eyman did to see you. The first person does want to ask you. I'm with the older generation sharing missed making news. Is it more about their Angel or a ballot a certain ideology. There. In their bidding. In the youth with and it was. Earlier believed and what. What and you know there were 330. I'm what you predict and that are bearish sole remaining works coerced and twenty years ago. And every who a like any more than one or any other part of it and you believe they want her very long and eating more and anywhere near the situation around the globe Cheney sure how urgent. Food. How. Turkey. If there's certainly they're. How long should it desire to blue EU and have. World we don't really living. Yes I mean it we were calling it a faking news epidemic and its. Particularly important as we move into this next election so what are your tips on dealing with it like what do we do about it. Morgan. Spewed a who are trying to repeat repeat it is. Or is it. Here's though I think we go to traditional new Stuart go to our go to brought. It. You didn't are all you. Winner or are able to endure I'm or are in bigger and better glory now. We knew. What they why didn't let me understand. We're. They're being you Dini aren't dumb and to the store it all. You're are forced you're getting around and all right Breyer particular unit being are currently in. Order. How they are worried only news that the average student. Figure out who owned the company what breed they are currently in use in certain land at eight. So do the same tips apply to someone who's older let's say I'm speaking to my age 85 year old grandmother who's very. Active on FaceBook for example. You know what would be the conversation with her so she understands you know and what to do in these cases. Firstly. What new. Or do we do you. Do you. Go get we're about we're yeah. The blame there actually are different but we are weighing in. Actually to waive the rest of our our. Here we're your creed area very brief period. Being or. We aren't in the car around and a man who. Are working order or you or would agree. Are you. All are trying to break we heard Eric Eric. You. Need to eat it and you're here Graham are. These. What he actually. Only. An early lead but that they will lead to. Morris and your work. All right you heard it and I aim at Clark associate professor Ilan university thanks for joining us today.

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{"duration":"5:58","description":"Naeemah Clark, an associate professor at Elon University, explains how to talk to your family about understanding what is and is not fake news.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64736472","title":"How the youth can help older generations process fake news","url":"/US/video/youth-older-generations-process-fake-news-64736472"}