YouTube DUI Confessor Matthew Cordle Sentenced to 6.5 Years in Prison

Cordle admitted to causing a fatal car crash following a night of heavy drinking in Ohio.
8:42 | 10/23/13

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Transcript for YouTube DUI Confessor Matthew Cordle Sentenced to 6.5 Years in Prison
This is a special room. Fund and Cutler in New York with this ABC news digital special report. The drunk driver whose YouTube confession went viral. Sentenced in an Ohio court today Matthew cordial admitted to killing 61 year old Vincent and sunny in a fatal accident in June. He then confessed on line in a video. That went viral that video posted at September. Has -- been seen by more than two million and after he posted the video the 22 year old turned himself and in entered a guilty plea. He was charged with two counts one for operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol and a second count of vehicular homicides and -- judge today. Gave the verdict. The court is going to war and -- counts two and one. None can send him to court and -- and -- Including sentence -- six years. Six and a half years and a lifetime suspension of his driver's license. So for more on the case I want to -- -- BC's -- Davis who's been closely following this case. Lindsay is six and a half years out of a maximum of eight in the house. Eight is they're considered leniency than. And a minimum of two years but I want to say that no one was really expecting the maximum sentence in this case you know people have been divided from the beginning. But more people in support of what Matthew -- did 22 year old actually stepping up -- taking responsibility creating this YouTube video basically saying listen. I did it I'm guilty I'm -- Get whatever I deserved and I'm -- hope that I Nabil would be a voice an advocate in the future to get people to stop. Drinking and driving so I think that the the six and a half years is about what people were expecting now of course the prosecution had asked for the maximum. Of eight and -- half years also Vincent hands on his daughter Angela in court today she spoke out also asking for the maximum sentence but interestingly enough. Vincent -- -- ex wife who apparently they had still been friendly right at the time that he died in June in this horrific car crash. She actually was in court the judge read a letter from her she actually was sitting with Matthew -- family in court and in that letter she was basically asking for leniency in this sentence basically saying that she felt that. You know he'd learned a lesson and that he was taking responsibility and she was commending him for that. This case really sparked a lot of discussion on whether or not there was accountability. On the part of -- that YouTube video in fact some people had actually taken a different point of views and in fact it was a ploy. To try to get a lenient sentence but before I wanna go -- some of the court proceedings today starting. With -- statement he remains silent throughout the trial but he did give this statement right before the verdict was read. We're here that is just what I don't know huge ones. Not a ball. Whenever our -- maybe there's -- -- -- sends -- comfortable. Documents and we wouldn't be removing all. Two it is a lot of -- -- damaged a lot of this is standing friends. -- opinion where you never go. Tested form. All it -- zionist movement in front of me. Alert take this opportunity to talk person from the war crimes. To -- him to miss Cheryl Lewis and her. I'm so sorry for the things I thought you. For the love of data from you. -- -- -- -- -- This an innocent man. With the dog he generated. Where. Business is all alone. And prevent more music fans from experience do you do now. I don't as -- day. And Lindsay it was that exchange that was that on both sides of both a public way of delivering it and also a very private way of delivering his apology. Right and I think that what really struck me -- -- two things whatever price and it's maybe there's no such thing as a fair sentence when it comes to loss of life. The true punishment is simply living and then later when he went on to say it should've been me that night now this is consistent. With the same thing that we heard him saying in the YouTube video when he was confessing always saying that he was gonna take responsibility. There was some question. Late this summer as far as. You know initially he had entered that not guilty plea but then his attorneys saying that that was just basically. Something that they had to do. And then he quickly switched it to the guilty plea but again this is this this is basically the same sentiment that he said in the the video so. Again while we have heard some people saying listen this -- -- just posturing he's just doing this all along this was kind of premeditated if you will creating this video so they will get a lighter sentence but. Again we heard the same kind of sentiment from him today in court as he -- in this isn't the confession on YouTube. One of those voices as you pointed out Lindsay was Vincent cannons on his daughter Angela not. Obviously impressed by the video not impressed with his actions as she spoke at the sentencing today. There's some concern was my father. He had two dollars. In -- changed. My father was okay impact. On everyone he -- he touched -- -- -- -- here is a talented photographers artists. And enjoyed working out and being with people only care about. My sister -- and I will never see her father's face again. Our children. Who never seeing their grandfather again. We will never hear -- -- Lunar. And we -- matter the tourists who were calling for reform dad and grandpa. I have heard time -- time you about a message. But the message not dissent is if you hit shows sometimes -- have to do. Isn't this a little later and -- leniency. I don't think -- does raise awareness after he does this time. Q does it sincerely thank going to schools -- -- Not publicly. My thought -- -- and -- half years. Would be -- After eight years -- courtroom still had his whole life -- My guess -- you're coming back. -- -- Very strong very emotional reaction after excuse me before the sentence was read and she brought up the point that court on site does want to become a public advocate against drunk driving. Right and he's gonna get out what he's about thirty years old so he is gonna have the rest of his life to really show whether he's the real deal or not whether he really is sorry whether he really is gonna come out of jail -- -- not drink and drive an angle -- Become an advocate I think it's it's significant to point out that -- intense -- ex wife has said that. The two daughters have been strange for him from from from their father for for several years prior to his death -- leading up to and including during the time that he -- -- that they were not on speaking terms of them and so. She is the one that really -- said that she was still having an active relationship with him in his life friendship and that she believed him that she again you know wrote the letter to the court basically asking for leniency on on his behalf. But I think it you know it was a fair point certainly for -- -- to make that just because you confess something just because you take responsibility. Doesn't mean that you should be able to. Have a more lenient sentence. And it was that confession and that very public way by posting that YouTube video. That brought this national attention in this national discussion. About drunk driving I want to play some of that video that has gained so much attention. My name is Matthew coral. On June 22. Q doesn't -- -- I had killed Vincent inside. This video -- -- question. When -- get charged I'll plead guilty. Take full responsibility. For everything I've done events and his family. I think you do around two million. How do you sense -- -- -- okay. And I. It's. -- about lying about it. In the news media and executive needs. Prosecution. WAOK. I'm winning -- cents. And every. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you and I say the word -- and specifically. I'm begging you. Please don't drink and drive. It's a strong message it. As more than two million views from that and the question is what kind of an affected it have on the case. Yet it seems sincere who ever knows the true motivation of someone but if you're watching it it certainly I imagine if you have. Been a drunk driver in the past might make you think twice you see his -- very visibly there in in the video and -- so I think that it ends up doing. More goods certainly being out there than harm although Vincent Anthony's daughter Angela his said that. Every time she sees the video that it's more painful it's like she's re living her father's death all over again. But interestingly. The judge who was initially assigned to this case when we talk to her we -- in Columbus, Ohio in September. She was saying and that she hadn't actually give in an idea of how she would sentence here. But -- -- said that she sees every day in her courtroom. Offenders who are younger and younger coming in before her and also less and less remorseful. So she applauded this and you know -- hope that if anything. You know whether it works or not forgetting a lighter sentence that people actually say well yeah I did it and that it'll encourage people to start coming forward. It is a tragic ending regardless ABC's -- Davis covering this case Lindsay thank you for that. Of course we have a complete recap on For now on Democrats -- new -- -- this ABC news digital special report.

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{"id":20657172,"title":"YouTube DUI Confessor Matthew Cordle Sentenced to 6.5 Years in Prison","duration":"8:42","description":"Cordle admitted to causing a fatal car crash following a night of heavy drinking in Ohio. ","url":"/US/video/youtube-dui-confessor-matthew-cordle-sentenced-65-years-20657172","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}