12 Percent of Americans Commit 'Netflix Adultery'

In a study of 2,000 Americans, 12 percent watch shows ahead of a spouse.
2:54 | 05/16/13

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Transcript for 12 Percent of Americans Commit 'Netflix Adultery'
-- -- the next Diana the American committed adultery I had not that would be Netflix adultery. So guilty and new guilty of Netflix adultery. They're studying Netflix adultery right now in the study of 2000 American's 12% confessed to watching. TV ahead of their shows we have partners and that was supposed to save it for the partners watch together but they watched before the department of -- 10% admitted to being victims of Netflix adultery they can tell yet which means that 2% of blissfully unaware or the partners are cheating multiple time. -- -- there's multiple -- Out of the worst is -- you've been caught you try to like no I I have no idea what's happening next and I don't I don't know -- the end of it -- normal 14% feel so guilty they confess I just confessed so you know I saw this I could win the I am -- trying to honesty is the best back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Incredible McDonald's worker says that our her car was stolen right outside of our -- -- -- -- the drive through window gets pulled out. -- stolen car that's complicated incredible call the cops 22 year old woman driving -- that -- all -- -- -- -- in the -- she -- hauled off to -- I don't expect. I haven't had -- happen. It -- and foreign tourists -- the -- there all the stories. -- from the. -- Have some fun BF. Listen once it's free -- It's burned. -- -- --

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{"id":19199481,"title":"12 Percent of Americans Commit 'Netflix Adultery'","duration":"2:54","description":"In a study of 2,000 Americans, 12 percent watch shows ahead of a spouse.","url":"/WNN/video/12-percent-americans-commit-netflix-adultery-19199481","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}