12-year-old genius

Mike Wimmer is graduating as valedictorian from his high school and earning his associate’s degree in the same month! ABC News' Will Ganss reports.
2:44 | 05/03/21

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It's impressive that Mike Webber will graduate valedictorian of Concord Academy high school this month and he'll get his associates degree in the same week. Initial light as Greg Richard ours December. That's it okay wait a minute but they do more classes I can't give us that she street. It's even more impressive that he's twelve years old. Mike says his love of learning began at eighteen months old when he got his bursts I'd pack but always been drawn to technology it Orson Scott Reed how I am today it go all this stuff I know over a dozen. Berger Clinton's it's Mike's dad is a custom home builder from all of Sayer pulled out dollars in me getting me around everywhere right. Both mom and dad saying they follow Mike's lead when it comes to his education. And how my life what I do you know I haven't. Lost my childhood and unless. But when it comes to helping your genius kid with his homework. They're her from the moment where you're like okay this is a little bit more than I thought it's gonna have to beat. Mom and dad instituting a heads up texting system. Mike asks his mom a question on the way home from school. To get Scott lot antics he's gonna excuse McDougal lives. But it works bikes GPA at the community college is a four point oh and as high school GPA is up five point 45. But he's having fun along the way Mike nominated to homecoming court by his peers but they'll win. Actually sell our nightly shootings we thank you so now you have to graduation coming up within the next month. You get to ask for doubled grass gifts guests are Linda go build it right and why not that alike is that we can't stuff as well. It's. Definitely not a card reminder bikes twelfth what are you the most proud of the displaying your life. I'm most proud of not a difficult one mayor of Oakland England and that's on down wanted that smile real goal. There's a bill technology now enables didn't look their lives. It is free time Mike has launched two small businesses and works with the United States special operations command so what's next. He says he's not sure he got job offers in and out of the United States he could continue to grow his own companies or he could continue his education you guys. Thinks well the first involved I would liked it giving round of applause and also say he deserves. Double the gifts because of you could save me from going to a graduation. And hearing cannon mountain. Why not costar being. Yeah yeah I have yet. We did. And he is a genius but he is seven here's senior it's okay keep going to get your degree when they've to.

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{"duration":"2:44","description":"Mike Wimmer is graduating as valedictorian from his high school and earning his associate’s degree in the same month! ABC News' Will Ganss reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"77459615","title":"12-year-old genius","url":"/WNN/video/12-year-genius-77459615"}