The 20 Famous Misquoted Movie Lines

A new website lists 20 movie quotes that have been repeated... wrong.
2:54 | 05/02/13

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Transcript for The 20 Famous Misquoted Movie Lines
-- welcome to exactly what you don't you go through like Buchanan. A tendency of picking up the lines that you hear in movies and Indian descent and he's -- -- -- your brain and unions you repeat that we're definitely convinced. That you are saying that writes my brother and I do this is all -- -- apparently there's a list out there of the twenty famous movie -- that you been saying wrong. If you can believe it and you got difference we got a bunch of about the godfather and the -- -- want to make an -- he can't refuse. As the real. Limited for him. I don't know I'm gonna write on the continent is set -- I want to feel the entire nation field of dreams. What does it if you build it they won't come and that's and that's and everybody thinks it has been. Eight. Generally he. Will pound I don't and that last one Snow White and the seven door is that he low -- mayor and manager. -- -- -- That sounds right to -- it does it's wrong. Magic him and the wrong food is -- and instrument. -- that magic mirror on the wall cellular marathon I can't let that -- -- Dylan -- -- want. We feel lucky punk and on -- really actually got to ask yourself one question might be lucky -- -- -- -- The government and that -- I know every week all -- the -- is. Good stuff all right -- let's get to another one. A realty firm offering raises for people who get the name -- tattooed on the body. I don't know about that he had -- the -- about rapid realty -- is -- chance to show that team spirit and paying them some extra cash. Get 11100 employees -- its big company. And about forty have taken -- -- -- offer for 15% raise if they get a tattoo of the company logo. You know do it. Don't think -- what I'd but I will tell you events I have a friend out there I won't name names you know -- talking about. That The Who got a tattoo of both parties the logo on the -- he does not work for McCartney. I know identity he was under the influence might not are you know you. And he just doesn't because he loves art that is how much he loves his brand world news now to tattooed on -- You don't know how do I do not know that night that is actually good information now you're gonna get that 15% -- beautiful. OK and until -- spaceship house if you can believe this. It's actually really cool looking at -- they disagree. It's just -- minute and 101000 square foot homes built because the owner like -- and the balance from the water. Pocket and it's --

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{"id":19089397,"title":"The 20 Famous Misquoted Movie Lines","duration":"2:54","description":"A new website lists 20 movie quotes that have been repeated... wrong.","url":"/WNN/video/20-famous-misquoted-movie-lines-19089397","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}