2,000-year-old Butter Found in Ireland

The still-edible butter was pulled from the bottom of a bog.
2:54 | 06/15/16

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Transcript for 2,000-year-old Butter Found in Ireland
And after the mix come. Yes well I'm about taking care of that. Yes. I didn't every in Ireland that my friend is a 21 seat to pound. 27 year old hunk of butter another country we knew about it. But now. It was founded a bog kind of swamps in Ireland and it and they say it may have been left as a spiritual offering or. This may have all been a strategy you preserve about her because apparently when you throw things in about the low temperature. Up oxygen and that's helped to preserve food that's been. Quite a big piece of toast and guess what yep. Apparently the strategy works the museum where the voters stores says it's still technically edible. All right so it's good tasting and let him. Yeah that's arrogant. Or half a facets of insomnia kitchen nightmare from I would say. So something fascinating trying to you know more than a billion people living in that country and imagine this possibility so you have this this couple they were going through some of barrel like childhood photos and I saw this one photo. Her husband. And in this photo of what they noticed not the husband or that sweater that was looking right Michael Jordan era. Was a woman behind. That turns out to be curbed mom. My fifteen years before they actually ever even met. So his future mother in law did your mother and photo bombed manhunt fifteen years before her meeting him freaky. That absolutely put some fate right there Alison wedding it is very cute I think it was an organized whether it would behave if if he's they. I think she knew at that moment. Beckett of the picture and hey so we've we've seen obviously a lot of scenes come out vigils in in tribute to people from Orlando but this particular what took a little bit. Have a different. Talent. That's because those coming to pay tribute in Harlem. Hud decided to. Start doing the vote so this is an UK you know these people. Just started to vote. They then started chanting our right here Mandela said he acted in Harlem incidents show how in the UK the dance phenomenon. Started in Harlem. They then just start breaking out into this huge. Dance circle as everybody cheered are at the Orlando just kind of one of those moments of. And every record absolutely what are fearful that appears Moreno I don't know a lot of them since play that a again this. Got some good knees and a beautiful scene in Orlando yesterday actually of course gay flag is rainbow colors these scenes. And many people tweeting that this was a scene over pulse nightclub. The rainbow laugh they were also spotted over the hospital where many of the victims are.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"The still-edible butter was pulled from the bottom of a bog.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"39868255","title":"2,000-year-old Butter Found in Ireland","url":"/WNN/video/2000-year-butter-found-ireland-39868255"}