The 2017 Toy Fair

'Toy Insider Mom' Laurie Schacht previews what to expect at the world famous Toy Fair this year.
4:54 | 02/17/17

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Transcript for The 2017 Toy Fair
World famous toy fair kicks off tomorrow right here New York City it is filled with. Hundreds of thousands of toys and games that are all new for 2017 so we get a sneak peeks through this morning the hottest and newest toys that are. Out there this year are very I want toy insider mom were checked is here welcome back. He and he's he's like you didn't get into toy fair Snead got some toys didn't bring it to share that with this is group still we're gonna start with something our littlest car and LeapFrog. Has an amazing array toys that teach for a little kids this year we're gonna start with our staff and tumble elephant so it can't kid that said. Easy it is a Hun. And why that's. Now what it could be doing its stacking these right back. On his trunk yet and he's gonna say colors and numbers. He elements are they got here helps the colors coordinating everything coordinates really a lot of fun for that created the mess that is okay that's okay. Cell we know that boys like action figures guests. Plus what we're gonna put it together we get something brand new this is called the wonder crew of these are buddies firm Boies I'm OK hang onto at. Well what I thought so this four different times we have had a vacation African American hot Asian Hispanic and each body comes with some think. For their friends away so we have matching capes. For the children and ask okay and we even have adventure can't see get more close but your buddy and more lesbian kids great does he do tricks as you deadline ticks. Exact and aren't you mug sat in front shell. There's a hospital towing nursery so for the very first time we have our little nursery pals so they're beautiful feeling nice to have flash grenades Lionel they each have their little pacifier there adorable this for in the collection is it going to be out in the spring. And this destroyed days it took justice for little kids at OK you know when it happened I heard that yet or can. Okay so let's talk out scent technology. Right time at York finger tips. These aren't that finger and link. So these add insult to all but we've got another finger they're really huge there's little place definitely happening yet. They respondents forty different ways to light again a lot of talk to then you can clap you can hang him upside down. They have all over. Or else it is going to be hot item com holiday immigrants compute. There is nothing like magic brightened and all of that magic yet they think pat will assist in making great kids that this year they have the world's. Core greatest magic shell gives 415. Magic tricks for kids to learn. I'm gonna do when for you know. OK we get imagine that are written in magic chick I'm so this is a simple want from me you are cops write whatever secrets we have our little. Not little ball scene right sour on a minute now want. To drink I'd love so much money in the streets where these rabbits it's right on top covering covering. It match Brittany. Abracadabra. You know mark as the Randy. And out of that happen I didn't according George Miller seen that spoke. Yeah. It I didn't. Look drilling and convinced that Jim has. Got a little augmented reality oriented challenging it this is called. B it's a ballot yet today really we have an app that we've downloaded we have this platform and we have all these pieces and we have a few OK you need to balance the weren't you build and you need to balance and on the platform. So bicycle touching this including his son. Seven re not me. There is in this game broken but Canada's put something out since a what and then to do with eminent taxed it and stacking. But as on building in my fellow. When maple up on the have a few seconds to build that world back up or it's over okay trailer quickly. Late nothing like a drowned I'd surroundings straight rounds are. Think this year biggest hit LSU but what I want to show you pretty and the agency determined that what ever put in there yeah so I put this on you. See my mare said the credit tight this will be out later this year. But wouldn't Wear like this around we're doing video where raining we can take pictures every thing its older really cool or. There's the pocket thrown sale betting LA LA has some great toys seriously I am Laurie thank you as always thank you for being here if your interest and in learning more about these cotton toys you can. Visit lorries website at toy insider con you're watching released him. Which one do I line. I'm sorry this guy.

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{"duration":"4:54","description":"'Toy Insider Mom' Laurie Schacht previews what to expect at the world famous Toy Fair this year.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"45556878","title":"The 2017 Toy Fair","url":"/WNN/video/2017-toy-fair-45556878"}