4th Grader Recruited for University of Miami Basketball Team

A 9-year-old, who already plays for the high school varsity team, is getting college recruitment letters.
2:57 | 06/17/14

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Transcript for 4th Grader Recruited for University of Miami Basketball Team
And it's time for the next we're glad you're with us what some great news to share from one of our audience sees Lana -- Her husband Seth now proud parents of twins. Oh I think we've got some pictures there are Olympics again Bennett James Morley a normal that's -- look at their shirts as he made my love that mom is now -- -- fit officially an early morning mom patty she's watching us right now. He or she looks gorgeous looks great she says the best part about being a mom right now is to look at those big wide eyes she says to me you -- to -- your life. How old look at her Saturday looks so happy and perfect together that they're like that the picture in the photo frame that you get their perfect couple -- Sort -- statement is very own early morning month. Well. It's -- it's the suspect here at University of Miami and recruiting not your world I mean really that good nine year old girl very steered David -- -- He actually is in the fourth grade -- played varsity high school basketball. A look at -- there -- -- their recruiting dinner and raising though a little eyebrows on this what. But believe it or not she's actually interested in possibly paying playing for Connecticut. She's only nine years old Elaine I'm not even -- middle school yet the young it's it's crazy really this is beyond and but but we -- -- shot from University of Miami is -- to -- economy look at her she's got a pretty impressive to have those skills at nine. I'm -- she looks like she certainly does look at her for her -- early to get committed all right. Let's -- you've heard about people selling their personal photos for cash online a -- of services but one woman from Mississippi a stay at home mom. Has the companies coming to her -- role she's been working with. Night he'd -- dissect these National Geographic some of these you see here. Melissa Benson 37 years old from Mississippi. Is selling these -- grab photos that -- -- -- 400000. Follow outlet a lot of this out of us. It's -- what you can do it yourself on camera they are pretty artistic photos -- like that I'm. And you know -- -- at one point women from coming under this -- but. There's a thing called the Brazilian blowout where they put these chemicals care attending your hair. Take -- flat -- but now there's a new thing and we're still not just the World Cup but women are burning the ends of their hair you see it there. They've got a candle to -- end -- their -- apparently it opens -- The hair follicles and it's a new treatment procedure for dry and damaged hair if you can believe it. And it's come to try to bella -- I'm no word on the smell but apparently the women in Brazil are the -- About that treatment find out come back tell us how well yeah and radio have Donovan does my hair here. -- in the back and we'll see how it looks like -- look good -- from the pictures there so that's at Tiffany's this half hour -- stay with us.

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{"id":24169574,"title":"4th Grader Recruited for University of Miami Basketball Team","duration":"2:57","description":"A 9-year-old, who already plays for the high school varsity team, is getting college recruitment letters.","url":"/WNN/video/4th-grader-recruited-university-miami-basketball-team-24169574","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}