59th Annual Grammy Awards Preview

"World News Now" music contributor Bruno del Granado shares his predictions on which artists will win the most coveted awards during the music industry's biggest night.
4:54 | 02/10/17

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Transcript for 59th Annual Grammy Awards Preview
Weapons and they. Have you Sydney. We're standing to figure out. If all these music artists' work work work work work has paid up and they Grammy Award is music it's night is upcoming Nissen. It's otherwise known as a night of the air when people spend on the Google's trying to figure out what is a record I think what exactly is an album what are those. World news now contributor for music Hebert on Dell Varnado who's been. Working with top artists in the music biz for 25 years when those albums were a thing answer exactly. I know you're in LA for the big event thanks so much for joining us live I wanna start with album of the year nominees there are Adel merge point five young safer lemonade Justin Bieber for purpose. Drake for abuse startle Simpson for a sailor's guide to earth what your prediction. Beyoncé she has won twenty grammys and none in the best album category so it's long overdue but it's also important because this album lemonade is groundbreaking. Record that's let's all bottled up. I think beyoncé is so powerful she has how drowned Bruno a little bit there but I also am one of doing a correction to what I said at the top people also legally boosters will Simpson. Sunday night Brit if you can still hear S. For the record of the year nominees it's pretty good list here as we take a look at the graphic you'll see Adele for hello. Beyoncé of course for a formation. Lucas Graham. Seven years Rihanna featuring Drake for work and 21 pilots for stress sapped. You say what. I dealt a low it she based yet she does that hello yeah almost. Sixteen months ago. This. We're. Song writing in his or. Her pipes are. There are awesome and this is vs. It is beautiful and lifted it was worth the wait. No doubt that's so good in fact that it's not only a problem the Everett song be gear again Adele for Helen polo beyoncé. Confirmation lemonade album. Justin Bieber love yourself with his grand seven years mice Posner ticket built in ABs. Granny think McNabb. Billing these well sized outside the chair as you know is given to the songwriter in this case it's a Dell once again tremendous songwriter singer songwriter she is. And and the craftsmanship of the song is just leagues above all the other nominees are all due respect. Oh. Also tumbled 110 eastbound starts. And it still getting late Eric goes so it really not only should it beat song of the year but it's been a staunch the last. We forget that in. Really did well for a little while and she's broken records for album she sent to problems they were at best album of the year or two years in a row over top selling album there is a competition Coker. It's albums quoting what it but let the two best selling albums of the millennium. 21 has sold fourteen million copies in this ones at ten point 2000000 and sixty weeks later it's still a top twenty in the chart now makes us from where I was at the grammys edell. Has already is yes. So let's were not least on the nominees for best new artists. There's only one person I know here and so this Kelsey ballerina the chain smokers we know them on the would you know cancer rapper as well. Aaron bars and Anderson pock. Act. Rarely take it from here is your get a clearer as well new artist that. To change spoke at a student at fort smash its close it was number one for twelve weeks Somalis lined up one and 2006. They are partners and he's on to get out of which dance music just you markets. Very popular if they win they'll be the first EDM. Artist and you work up for other fracking so I think they will win best new artist is not such as his chance regret stepping seasonal. OK hey we gotta be really quick here and I know you're there there Helton where big parties being held but what are you hearing about what will be a big surprise come Sunday. Look a couple of the woods Bruno Mars and time idling of prince street view and then I also see your thinking. Yet John Legend that Dell which lets Michael oh it's going to be really good beyoncé and her twins' only performing as well all night concert. Director for performing from any of their my time impersonation. We are not. As we will be watching on Sunday and leaves that you rounding lovely of we'll be right back.

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{"duration":"4:54","description":"\"World News Now\" music contributor Bruno del Granado shares his predictions on which artists will win the most coveted awards during the music industry's biggest night. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"45401489","title":"59th Annual Grammy Awards Preview","url":"/WNN/video/59th-annual-grammy-awards-preview-45401489"}