9/11 Memorial Museum Opens in Manhattan

President Obama will attend a dedication ceremony at the site of the World Trade Center.
2:28 | 05/15/14

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Transcript for 9/11 Memorial Museum Opens in Manhattan
America's number one. -- being your President Obama attends dedication ceremonies this morning for the national model -- the museum located on the side of the World Trade Center the museum has already taken its place in the Manhattan skyline. ABC's -- Bradley is at the museum this morning and he's joining us with a preview good morning tomorrow. Good morning Diana good morning John there it is behind that reflecting pool 101000 artifacts more than 500 hours of video. A fitting tribute to that day that changed everything. It ground zero below the new World Trade Center one of the largest memorial museums in the world is set to open its doors. The 9/11 memorial museum journey back to a -- America. Never forget. Since September 11 clocks and watches frozen in time. Mingled fire truck Wear the uniforms worn by the heroes the first responders its emotional. Very very very emotional the museum doesn't just house artifacts it is an artifact. That's the dead rock from the world trade towers the steel beams. The survivor -- Ayers an escape route used by hundreds during the attack running down the stairs to safety it was a lifeline. On the walls plaques and screens show -- 9/11 unfolded minute by minute. It's also a secret place filled with tributes to the people killed in new York and at the Pentagon and in Shanksville Pennsylvania. Museum is a place where you can come to understand nine elevenths -- the lives of those who were killed. And the lives of those who rushed here to help. Before the public begin seeing it next Wednesday the survivors the families of the victims and first responders will take to worse. Folks were so deeply a part of the history that this museum shares will be our very first guests. These individuals are the ones whose voices tell the history. The project was marked by construction problems arguments over the 700 million dollar budget. And the best way to honor the families of the victims and the victims. President Obama is here for the dedication later today as well as some of those victims them it's done Diana. -- ABC it's not Bradley -- press in lower Manhattan this morning thank you. And join us this morning for the dedication of the museum ABC news will carry it live at 10:10 AM eastern time. You can also take a virtual tour of the museum on our web site.

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{"duration":"2:28","description":"President Obama will attend a dedication ceremony at the site of the World Trade Center.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"23726716","title":"9/11 Memorial Museum Opens in Manhattan","url":"/WNN/video/911-memorial-museum-opens-manhattan-23726716"}