9/11 Tribute in light

ABC News’ Will Ganss explains what it takes to create the twin beams of light that honor the 3,000 lives lost.
2:55 | 09/12/19

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Transcript for 9/11 Tribute in light
I'm the eighteenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks hundreds of people gathered on Staten Island as you see there for a mere remembrance ceremony. In the shadow of the tribute in light memorial near the site of ground zero and here in Manhattan that tribute in light is shining like a beach in overnight. Then a few hours it will gently fade into the dark. Those lies to become such a fixture on nine elevenths symbolizing where those towers once stood. And this morning we're learning new details about those two giant beams of light wool Kansas here. With more Mac morning well. Good morning you guys and good morning to all of you while the 9/11 memorial is open year round the tribute in light only occurs once a year and thousands of visitors. Make the trip to lower Manhattan to see it. As darkness falls and New York City this September 11 a familiar sight illuminating the Manhattan skyline. It's called the tribute in light an annual commemorative art installations for seen on the six month anniversary of the attacks and every nine alleged incidents. Two separate beams shining from dusk on the eleventh till dawn the next morning. Meant to honor the lives lost and to celebrate the spirit of new York and its first responders. Innings giving up hope and that the people of New York in the U the United States no matter what. That we can't rides again. Each of those light beams are comprised of 887000. Watt xenon light bulbs position in its U 48 foot squares. And are located just a few hundred feet south of the 9/11 memorial on top of a local parking garage those lights she concedes I thank you could see an orientation of the Twin Towers. Stretch for life. Guy Kirk. Brightest and most powerful beams of light never protected from are. It's no wonder then that the teams are visible from more than sixty miles away people in new York New Jersey and Connecticut and able to spot the tribute in light home. But still many more making the trip to Manhattan to stand under the lights in person. It's just remind me pack up and playing. The tribute in light symbolizing so much to so many different people but when we asked folks at the memorial to describe what it means to them specifically. The one word that we heard over and over again. Let's hope. And they really are beautiful lights you can see them here on the monitor behind us. You know. I'm nine elevenths seeing all of the the pictures and post that people have on social media honoring that day it really does take you back and just remembering the horror. But from it so much hope and togetherness. It's so much came from it and well that peace or just seen the people out there Philly Matt hope. Paying tribute. It means a lot tool so many people so thank you for bringing that you guys appreciate it say what ask them access next.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"ABC News’ Will Ganss explains what it takes to create the twin beams of light that honor the 3,000 lives lost.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"65558020","title":"9/11 Tribute in light","url":"/WNN/video/911-tribute-light-65558020"}