Paula Faris to Join 'GMA Weekend' Team

ABC News correspondent will join Dan Harris at the anchor desk every weekend.
3:04 | 07/21/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Paula Faris to Join 'GMA Weekend' Team
Time now for the -- topping our headlines this morning a warm congratulations to perform on world news now family members these are good friends -- a wonderful person has just been announced that former world news now anchor Paula Paris. We'll soon be joining Dan Harris Ron Claiborn -- -- on the anchor desk of Good Morning America and it candidate. Just call up all anchored. Do you two years ago before moving on to be a regular correspondent for ABC news -- because she didn't smashing job in the World -- -- was really good results for the -- with -- replacing our outgoing -- article injury got. He's leading ABC -- joined Yahoo! well big kudos to both Paula. World news now fans I know they're -- be -- yes and she was just telling me the other day how crazy she used to get on world news. Oh really yeah so I think it deserves that's going back to the -- and went out. Morgan have to work. Or Ghana are next up across the pond. One father's -- is paying off big time Boeing apple lawyer at NORTHERN IRELAND is the new British Open champion. -- yesterday by two strokes he's now listed behind Jack Nicholas. And Tiger Woods as the youngest to get three legs the career Grand Slam and he's now taking home million bucks. The giving new meaning to I'm proud -- is on his father also -- -- UC ten years ago. He -- some friends about a 170 -- that Laurie would finish the British Open by the age of 26 Gwinnett. He's only 25 so now that wager is paying year old dad about 300 and -- 2000. Dollars out I got two sons on a bet on America's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But you know what -- what has -- you let me find good community pop over and -- -- -- and free drinks and talking about the story all morning and read it keeps mentioning. Get a five. They live in Ireland it's because they live in Ireland Guinness and then some because you know. It's all this -- Aaron good suggestion. That's another sign and inept father tropical print storage it was we get a milestone in the future king of England -- -- -- and still go ga -- his first birthday one -- won't. Parents will and Kate are. Private celebration at kings in Kensington Palace and then wasn't the story in Mexico rather unusual size what did you jump street star Jonah Hill officiating at the wedding of Maroon 5 -- and Adam Levine and supermodel. The Heidi -- solo. At Cabo San Lucas Mexico. It's been picked being called a comedic appreciation. Priscilla his father who -- a minister reportedly gave the real blessing and there. During the ceremony -- jumped on stage and perform with Stevie Nicks all. To a leak beyoncé she of taking a break from her world went on the run for with a BJ easy to post a brief clip. Of -- fifty shades of great teaser honor -- -- Graham -- racing but has already been banned from library shelves. And the film may be too steamy for even -- reading according to beyoncé -- grant the full trailer drops this Thursday mark your calendars real. Yes.

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{"id":24647070,"title":"Paula Faris to Join 'GMA Weekend' Team","duration":"3:04","description":"ABC News correspondent will join Dan Harris at the anchor desk every weekend.","url":"/WNN/video/abc-news-paula-faris-join-gma-weekend-team-24647070","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}