ABC News' Rob Nelson: Never Afraid to Laugh

Co-anchor Rob Nelson remembers the fun times on WNN.
4:21 | 03/15/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ABC News' Rob Nelson: Never Afraid to Laugh
This that is another reason why -- had been so hard to see our rotten here believe. Little levity really -- go a long line in the middle of the night and there's been plenty of that since rob got here in the form of jokes and it just. Even since snowy street and say yeah rob most amusing and we think but we're sure he doesn't think in harassing -- wrapped. The pain -- potential -- Okay. -- -- -- -- Previewing an underground -- about predicted he'll spinning their Google person really don't let didn't give kids -- hot. Yeah. Okay. It happened so quick -- the -- -- -- -- -- You don't. Now now okay. -- -- Records don't put that he might not yeah unadorned own -- now just the tip -- That's. So lovely and enjoy this -- everything on line really well feeding it's -- -- flat. He needed a -- the whole day. That's what I'm talking about what we're I don't know we're -- -- the biggest is that way it's a close up maybe all of that. Yeah I -- -- there. Yeah. -- -- I called on the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You get a tornado afterschool special plant. So much fun you don't league is taking too much on the first day is a definite experience that. Blu-ray is reverberating. -- -- -- -- Changes that affect what we hear the world -- now internship program this is. Great phrases like much of substance had hidden benefit -- you've been -- I did my wife began -- my -- -- so that's there to go to the bathroom. Yeah. -- -- yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and world news -- Why did I mountain. And Matt yeah and another at all. -- but yeah. We had a. It -- on the net and senior home billion dollar -- -- Season seven he's been good. The --

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{"id":18735780,"title":"ABC News' Rob Nelson: Never Afraid to Laugh","duration":"4:21","description":"Co-anchor Rob Nelson remembers the fun times on WNN.","url":"/WNN/video/abc-news-rob-nelson-afraid-laugh-18735780","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}