Acting Secretary of Defense resigns

The resignation follows resurfaced domestic abuse allegations involving Patrick Shanahan's family. ABC news' Kenneth Moton reports.
2:44 | 06/19/19

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Transcript for Acting Secretary of Defense resigns
Now to the shocking departure at the Pentagon acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan has withdrawn his name to lead the Pentagon. Just hours after domestic abuse allegations of ball we his family resurface. Now many are wondering why the White House didn't know about the allegations one senator is even calling for an investigation. This morning the trump administration under fire following the sudden resignation of the acting secretary of defense. They don't like to vet all these assistant secretary's assistant this assistant that don't get vetted. And look what happens when you don't then. Patrick Shanahan withdrew his name from consideration to be Defense Secretary just hours after a report revealed allegations of domestic violence with and its family the Washington Post reports in 2010 police were called to the Shanahan house to find him with a bloody nose broke Shanahan and his then wife Kimberly accused each other physical violence. Police arrested only China hands wife he later dropped the charges. And in 2011 police were called after Shanahan is then seventy year old son will got into a violent altercation with his mother. The arrest report says willow grabbed a baseball bat instructors mother on the back of her head. And a state may Shanahan says I believe my continuing in the confirmation process were forced my three children. To relive a traumatic chapter in our family's life and reopen wounds we have worked years to fuel. The White House is now facing new questions about why the allegations didn't surface and 2011. When Shanahan was nominated as the Pentagon's second in command. And again before he was named acting Defense Secretary on January 1. I feel that there was. Possibly a deliberate concealment here I think there ought to be an investigation. By the I key in the Department of Defense president trump defended his administration's vetting process while praising Shanahan. I had heard about it yesterday for the first time we have a very good Betty does it take a look at our cabinet secretaries very good but we have. A great batting is a terrific person and it's a difficult time but bad. But he's gonna take a little time off a family service and had four. But work game working things out. Meanwhile just days after shaming and approved sending 1000 more troops in the Middle East in response to rising tensions with Iran. The Pentagon now has four top positions vacant including secretary of defense deputy Defense Secretary air force secretary and chief management officer. This is a very difficult time. With everything going on in Iran and all the provocations. And counter actions. And to have no secretary of defense at this time is is a Paul. And it shows the chaos in this administration. The White House has named a new nominee to why we respective army secretary Marc Casper who will face senate confirmation.

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{"duration":"2:44","description":"The resignation follows resurfaced domestic abuse allegations involving Patrick Shanahan's family. ABC news' Kenneth Moton reports. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"63804281","title":"Acting Secretary of Defense resigns","url":"/WNN/video/acting-secretary-defense-resigns-63804281"}