Active and budget friendly toys

Toy Insider Editor-in-Chief Ali Mierzejewski shows us the perfect summertime toys sure to keep your little ones entertained without breaking the bank.
4:01 | 07/28/20

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Transcript for Active and budget friendly toys
We are quickly heading into the dog days of summer that no school plus corona virus lock downs are driving you and the kids crazy we've got some great ideas for new toys for both. The activity and budget mind that so joining us this morning is toy insider editor in chief Alley merge -- Alley. Baby shark is making a comeback but with a difference with this time Rick. Yes this is actually a baby shark could that you can ride but isn't the babies are sick bolt bus ride I'm from Diana crack intimating that super saw. Like a cluster I but can actually ride. In addition to the teller pedal accelerator to make a gulp aren't hit an all I'll look into the unbeaten start around like Milan went bad and Aaron politically to get it out. And her parents love that song as well. Harlem. For the kids that have a need for speed you also have a flywheel slay that goes pretty fast. I do so this is the why will. You packed lunch hour comes and all the different meal or to and wheeled Beckett. Each of the logic. You. You can just pull back on the court an adult and the we are lying at 200 album my health. Who let. And he also had eight deadly friendly Tulare for those we're spending time on the water as well. Yes so this is the H no doubt election and urged all the old and linking get in on the under the planet you can super bright and color. It comes a re air and earth so certain and waited as your Laing hauled payment. Our thirty anger well that it can hold on at their floating. Option Maas and now we mention budget friendly tips you have. Since its effort if some toys in those departments as well Rick. Ideas on startup of a super popular collect all but then he cried he beat magic are. Bring power lines and in the eye is going to be up all claimed. Excited packed epic at thirtieth and the I don't doll and a blanket and stickers on an. When you're holding the dollar and Newsweek this mean they'll cry and magic tears the beans from the wing how would actually caught right color all you can eat they're. Oh my gosh and they are so cute as well. Up next you're always looking to make a bath time a little bit more creative use something to make it fun for the kids and parents as well right. Idea listen Luna a magical back unicorn and sheared clever magical indeed Egypt's into the lot and her name and are available later. And can take their out of the back of the guys got a goal back of her natural color ink though shall we get will be able to play with very simple colored birds. So crisis and his next are nicely my personal favorite. We have to maintain Souza distances times a lot of human contact isn't being made of but you can hunt this week till I. You can definitely had been fun stories and much of value from day at. You at an animal or are pattern Elliott. And when you green I mean. It's really fun grumbling. I didn't sound might summing makes in the morning. But yet some tips as well for parents are making do want to make sure that they keep their kids safe in these times and that they keep the toys sanitized as well. Definitely going to you're looking agreement within a couple of tips you can buy an addition to any sort of thing in battle in a news story can I'll Kirk stick right into a beat the light goes EB. To cleaning your stink and you can disinfect them that way you can put them into a delicate bag and throw them into the washing machine. Org you can of course use your handy dandy. Disinfecting wipes to wipe out all of your classic make sure that there could. Great advice and for these and other budget friendly toy ideas he can check out toy insider dot com as well as our own website W Lennon fans dot com. Toy insider editor in chief Alley merge ST thank you so much for joining us we'll be right back you're watching world news now he.

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{"duration":"4:01","description":"Toy Insider Editor-in-Chief Ali Mierzejewski shows us the perfect summertime toys sure to keep your little ones entertained without breaking the bank.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"72024616","title":"Active and budget friendly toys","url":"/WNN/video/active-budget-friendly-toys-72024616"}