An adventure guru's travel tips

Samantha Brown told ABC News' Kendis Gibson about her newest travel show, "Places to Love."
3:00 | 01/10/18

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Transcript for An adventure guru's travel tips
Oh. More than fifteen years she said he most enviable job in the world. Globe trotting for the Travel Channel visiting dozens of countries. Living in the lap of luxury. And eating a lot of funky stuff it's filled with nothing will now Samantha brown is switching channel to PBS with a new show and new places to look. So of course our guess is Samantha brown joining us from UBS pain felt Sam thank you so much for being here with us straight to be I think again it's let me give traveled to. By last count what 166. People are different countries didn't all different in what is it like to travel and it always wanted to talk to you about different. Travel tips the first of law had been to Mexico some parts of other countries how do you avoid. Getting food poisoning. Oh welcome my PH you know my doctor can't find what you always want to stay away from things that have water in them so okay fresh fruits and lettuce is that maybe they they use their local water Tuesday with those who stay away of course from the drinking water. And if you're an giving countries you want to use bottled water pressure pressure teeth. But I will say I have a never gotten food poisoning. It is an Angel and your agency ears a travel Canadian ones. Really it's amazing how much you really doesn't happen so it should occur if fear factor when you travel should be deciding factor whether or not get that Margarita that has ice or not. Erica hill's anything's. Yeah. His attic and I think I that think the later the tequila is gonna do well by Larry what would be your tip line avoiding jet lag that some mind jet lagged. Approach is two days before it goes somewhere there's going to be a big time change I've seen from all caffeine. Okay no caffeine and so then when I get to the place and I feel so tired I don't have a cup of coffee and now I'm really exhausted I still don't have a cup of coffee it is only when. I feel like I'm just gonna fall asleep on the sidewalk and I don't care who walks over my body that didn't allow myself have a double shot. And it hits your system so strongly and it takes you for the rest of the day the worst thing you could possibly do. When you get to a destination go to sleep. You have to stay and that's the number one thing I do and gets you get it done this actually I try to work out immediately after a get there to get acclimated but offense just ridiculous thing. I hated family it worked out it's kind of picked every card the gadget that you can't do without. Well me and my Smartphone but the one thing that I always travel with yet are these two rubber balls are called pinky boss you given any toy store. And you I stand on them and they work out about them the balls of my feet and they get my joints and I laid down mom role dynamite backs was totally. No batteries included but it makes you feel so much better it's like a 200 on the signage. I notice in an interview a little while ago that you mentioned the places the place say you've been to that you liked the least. Is Billy's. Yeah and I didn't go to the eyelids I was in not I was in Belize city. OK and it's it's it it was a little rough but plenty of people have had wonderful experience doesn't native Belize in all of today. This but it was bordering motto here is. Only good can I do I can't make up till our treaty on behalf. Ari it was just it was you know is a bad bet out of it and all ablaze at the wrong time. Q I have been saying five people have had the exact same experience I've had in Brooklyn where I live you know it's and those really and that's why I would say listen you know I I would never not go to a. It places a love it's awesome view though people think travel shows and they think it's going to be these amazing exotic locations and didn't end. The part they are but the first episode being Houston Houston Texas it's not necessarily about the place the people I really wanna change your perception of where travel destination is with the show. Because a lot of places are just becoming over Torsten Houston Texas is the most diversity in the united state S and that there is no one majority. And you get to feel that when you're there in the food in the arts in the architecture just the people in general it also is the number one refugee city. In the United States and it plays out in wonderful ways that as a traveler. You get to be apart this isn't just like I got access to it you can get there and you'll have the same access that I Catholic of people who put on our travel map for Tuesday as the eighteenth out Barrett Samantha brown thank you and check out places love on your PBS station decent. Stay with us who want to relieve them. Then go to beliefs and it's okay.

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{"id":52254782,"title":"An adventure guru's travel tips","duration":"3:00","description":"Samantha Brown told ABC News' Kendis Gibson about her newest travel show, \"Places to Love.\"","url":"/WNN/video/adventure-gurus-travel-tips-52254782","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}