Al Roker Oversleeps

The longtime weatherman didn't hear his alarm and missed his Weather Channel show.
5:39 | 08/07/13

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Transcript for Al Roker Oversleeps
All right time for around one of -- -- forward today. Al Roker. Over slaps can't do it or -- minutes the first time it happened. Basically -- is your right ear and out hurry here how many Christmas and 39 years -- so -- He hit just days I went -- is split into this exam early morning -- wake up without on the weather channel but he made in time from The Today Show take a this morning. Yeah -- it's that Al -- for the first time in 39 years over slats. Yeah I -- tell -- -- well just you know alarm clock when my phone didn't go all of them to -- what your backup resident for 39 you didn't want my. Yeah wake up without the U video that we change they do without -- It happens to the macedon. Yeah America I did a morning show before this one -- local New York station for twelve years one time. I missed the -- who hadn't set the alarm lock doesn't rate. -- -- -- No chance of self hung right in times it has turned to be on in Washington was that one in twelve years rusty good one and 39 that that's again that's quite all right record -- is -- that -- -- yet the content of the Barclays center in Brooklyn and she bikes on her way to concert yet. She bites over the Brooklyn Bridge she was in -- NATO policy which she was wearing a having -- -- -- -- to grab it prove it. Blue T shirt covered in white stars cut off shorts and some shape. And I think they're there is our right Jean -- by all the way to her show right across the bridge and JJ here -- -- little unannounced cameo let that show. So. Some like -- -- really aren't just. Yeah OK given some -- to Disney the parent company of ABC news it has released its first trailer of -- its most wanted this is a sequel to the 2011. Hit them. Rejuvenated -- franchise quite frankly. Like here is your trailer and it's so cute. Yeah -- you. Cool little. -- -- -- -- -- -- Like -- her by the way missing however is Jason Segal of the star and co writer 2011 the Muppets he apparently declined to return for the -- but. Nevertheless still wonderful. All right James get -- he's fighting final leading role -- a pretty charming new teaser it's his first trailer for -- said. Let's give listeners. She's turning to may we decide -- so lets people watch while I talk carry out but -- debuted online by fox searchlight on Tuesday in the film a charming romance. Is about a -- Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Who falls in love with Eric -- That would -- Gandolfini. And it's set to debut at the Toronto international Russell 2000 irked -- -- Mark Wahlberg was apparently giving a live web chat in UK with its newspaper at the sign and this subject of Justin Bieber came up and he had some advice for the young nineteen year -- go ahead and take -- what happens. Trust in the news and -- -- -- he had had been the only schools have. We trousers maximum per game group spokesman -- that we -- them. That he did take on a more serious -- is a father for a -- -- it. Let him live his life I would hope that you'll look back and say you know what -- at the time to be focused -- be disciplined. And beat the best that I can be in his career he says -- heartland humane as well be good at what you're doing now. And have a higher -- later on. How did I agree with them but you can't be -- hundred miles an hour your Ferrari your development -- little kids plant -- went -- not just can't be paying buckets are against etiquette not just comment -- and frank museum. In the in the guest book he'd be doing things -- -- -- -- obnoxious don't be an -- can't that it yes. All right Eli and Peyton Manning these desecrate old commercials right they have a -- what hip hop football on your phone video desperate direct -- NFL Sunday ticket. -- -- Calling him and that's when -- -- -- well it. -- -- -- you know show your friends and watch. -- -- Yeah. He and -- yeah. -- -- -- -- and now there's a chance to -- but William wanted blue collar union. Sweet I did. Back at zeppelin lyrics for Vodafone has a chance for political football -- pants. There's another good one take about small loans that I'd had grown daughter and stone. Or on a date with Simone upset I was Deion Sanders was it -- that like it would he's sort of right. Busts on them and yeah. It's great guys if they weren't so good at what he did on the field this so good is they run ads are turning to -- -- Larry I love every minute it. Chris Brown in the -- once again he spent one hour in jail for as you may remember. After it made it doesn't make papers incident was -- hit drive anyway he spent what -- -- that's behind us now apparently took to Twitter today that. Coming out and called X may be his the last thing I'm tired of being famous for mistake I made when I was eighteen that -- to do of course with his government Camry on up. And the beating that he gave her -- -- and all over it so this may be the last leader Chris Brown although.

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{"id":19889895,"title":"Al Roker Oversleeps","duration":"5:39","description":"The longtime weatherman didn't hear his alarm and missed his Weather Channel show.","url":"/WNN/video/al-roker-oversleeps-19889895","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}