Alabama Woman's Incredibly Lucky New Year at Casino

Charlotte Moncrief hit $90,000 jackpots two days in a row at a Mississippi casino.
3:00 | 01/06/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Alabama Woman's Incredibly Lucky New Year at Casino
-- I welcome back eating is now tank for the next he feeling lucky. I always feel like you are right great -- we're lucky. -- I don't hear that don't I don't give a woman about to tell you about she hit the jackpot playing slot machines and added a hotel and casino Mississippi. Twice twice back to back so -- New Year's Eve she decided to play the -- her first turn -- but a hundred bucks and waters -- -- button up wins 90000 dollars the next morning New Year's Day she goes and goes to very similar slot machine not the same one. Plays again. -- the exact same jackpot -- 90000 dollars. I can't get and that -- the first and he's asserted screaming the second time she went to her job just -- should be looking at. She should think -- -- Lotto numbers from Iowa. I didn't all right so you know how some months had different -- attached to -- like you know in November becomes November would people who broke. Mustache as soon January. Is sometimes called general pause. And the whole reason I -- this you know he had a lot of partying going on in December and with New Year's advance it was some people do is they go completely dry. They don't drink for the entire month MS defenders doing that's. On purpose to. -- -- -- -- -- and I Powell got a terrible idea won't know there is new information -- there's a study that says quitting alcohol for January. Can improve your sleep patterns can. To help you lose weight it can help your liver recover some ballots not just a theory can actually done the study and it's proven to be turned. And I have left no fun. OK but this is finally got to say this video these three Brothers. I would incident doing a snowman a typical thing you do -- -- storm like this they cannot -- something much better check this out. Ten feet tall they -- all star who can make can you imagine and listening in Minnesota where it is. Absolutely freezing out they spend hours upon hours making this. And I didn't kind of been they've been doing every few years so what you're they get a giant publication -- -- -- -- -- -- -- so. A sticking with -- -- -- he may be trying to feel a little bit warmer doing. Things that live in the ocean I don't know but pretty cool that is really. That is really -- -- And it's really cool I am trying to get through this weekend without laughing. Some people would call this getting a little bit more bang for your -- for -- Why there's a company called -- America and vacancy was this is -- Maybe we'll take your unused gift cards that you -- for the holidays and turn them into. They would turn them into access. To their online porn site. Me and and the list of their cards pretty interest -- -- -- -- -- is Wal-Mart ended -- take is that you don't want. And they give you access to the media is to what she's -- it's right it's and that's what I call a perfect part music and our parents and the sound effect.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Charlotte Moncrief hit $90,000 jackpots two days in a row at a Mississippi casino.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"21433042","title":"Alabama Woman's Incredibly Lucky New Year at Casino","url":"/WNN/video/alabama-womans-incredibly-lucky-year-casino-21433042"}