Domino Stunts to Make Your Jaw Drop

A Canadian man's videos mix domino action with slides, toy helicopters and planes.
2:54 | 06/16/14

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Transcript for Domino Stunts to Make Your Jaw Drop
And now it's time for the next did you think sometimes as I did ideas and it was a fun hobby these things called domino rally. A hot fund -- and set about when you've found somebody who doesn't who he found it pretty incredible guy from Canada 200000 followers. On YouTube it's called -- -- cat and takes a look at this dominant displays Melissa goes through Slough and back -- actually put it fat. Toy helicopters. Miniature planes. All of it. Didn't turn -- like I don't. -- kicked out in the. Awesome stuff -- let's turn to a guy now. It's being called on the web -- the human burrito vacuum. That guy that's right good guys are furious Peter on -- various. He can down the chipotle burrito in 25. -- how we look at. Nathan's hot dog competition has gotten nothing on this guy -- -- -- -- you know he's got an interesting back story of an anorexic teenager. Lies in now. He's out trying to spread the word about eating healthy and how anorexia. Right -- people prevent future. Some how I don't -- and look ahead and -- in a way out that was pretty pretty impressive. I don't know I couldn't no no I'm getting into -- and just think about what happens to you you. Thank you very much -- -- -- but know what a piece piece that have. And better moves and -- -- you're no -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How -- yeah. I'm visited a gaggle of -- take a look at this video game can -- dance. The marching -- to the streets of Netherlands Fox's business they're called the only walkers and there'd be stationed at age old tradition for Easter costing you see their -- Drums and a whistle. And running all throughout the country that I mean perfect for a -- -- Must reform -- -- knows what is the drum major have what's going on their lives she has. She got at the time he's eighteen then look at that little number that made me making that turn. And speaking -- -- -- animals gone wild yeah here's another one for you. Check out mr. raccoon near Orlando got a little carried away with his dinner today. Then was found in the trees with each peanut butter containers stocked on his head on his head back -- alum Tina Brothers and how much the best part about the stories that animal control of the comments bringing this guy out of the tree with a -- -- -- Internet. Okay they helped remodel of the that outstanding -- this crunchy -- creamy peanut butter. How the Pentagon hello Doug crunching all the way all the way that you have that that we -- in this half hour join us on FaceBook and Twitter plus C back in just --

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{"id":24152441,"title":"Domino Stunts to Make Your Jaw Drop","duration":"2:54","description":"A Canadian man's videos mix domino action with slides, toy helicopters and planes.","url":"/WNN/video/amazing-domino-stunts-24152441","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}