Welcome to America's second-largest private residence

ABC News’ Will Ganss takes us inside the Long Island, New York, mansion where an array of movies, TV shows and music videos have been filmed.
3:36 | 01/22/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Welcome to America's second-largest private residence
Meet the star of the blank space music video that not her. Not him either. It's the stunning Gold Coast Manchin called though he could castle. So 127 room French style chateau is the second largest private residence. Ever built in America. The 109000. Square foot Long Island New York home. Has hosted celeb weddings like Kevin Jonas to Dancing With The Stars as Max and and TV shows like Gossip Girl but it turns out a leaky capsule has been home to more than just those Hollywood hot shots. These state built a hundred years ago in 1919 by Otto Hermann caught a German finance here who use the first letters of each of his name standing in the states. Oh he can. If auto con looks familiar a well he's. Actually supposedly the inspiration for the monopoly man I think yeah. He did have a top and he did have his coat as well as morning coach. And back in the twenties he didn't need to pass go and collect 200 dollars to enjoy any of the big parties thrown by the original monopoly man. Posting some big names like Charlie Chaplin now there's a room at a piquant dedicated to the silent film star. So in the days when Charlie Chaplin was. Here what would they get into what was a party like when Charlie chaplain came and ring the doorbell -- Khan's house was over 443. Acres it really wasn't inspiration for The Great Gatsby. I have until part of golf course indoor swimming pool outdoor swimming pool media hunt they were going to quote. I don't know content several jobs after con died the mansion changed hands several times. Serving as a retreat house for NYC sanitation workers. Who'd use the stunning French style reflecting pool is regarded as swimming pool. Then in 19:48 the eastern military academy but the grounds to use as a school. The grand ballroom not so grand back then and this was actually used as the gymnasium. And direction basketball hoops above the fireplace mantle's so like you know a growing up your mom's I was like no playing ball in the house. They were playing basketball in the this where there was an exception here forties through the seventies. Oh he got falling into ruin after that. Vandals breaking windows pre dating the walls until 1984 when the current owner restored O he could to its Great Gatsby glory. Including those gorgeous terraced gardens in the back. This is not bad for a backyard. Now this actually the main formal gardens and wouldn't designed by the famous friends applaud homestead sperm. Who did Central Park walking the hallowed grounds for Taylor Swift once blocked neck and I think guide her music city I'm Taylor Swift idiotic act the fact that at. If you thought I was kidding. Date sometimes it's fun after the march. All right to the good news anyone can live out that Taylor Swift wildest dreams or ticket gaps be inspired trip back to the twenties anytime they want and oh he got. The mansion now operates at the wedding venue and a hotel reserving 32 of its 120 separate rooms for normal people. You have well beyond us UPS's story about Taylor swift boat not only my spot on national television you nailed it yet. But found. Pastor that particular sweat got to do it got to do when you're a die hard with our funeral house thank you can order for the party to this week.

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{"duration":"3:36","description":"ABC News’ Will Ganss takes us inside the Long Island, New York, mansion where an array of movies, TV shows and music videos have been filmed.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"68445633","title":"Welcome to America's second-largest private residence","url":"/WNN/video/americas-largest-private-residence-68445633"}