America's smallest baby goes home

Connor, the miracle baby who weighed less than a pound when he was born premature, is finally headed home. ABC News' Will Ganss has the story.
2:06 | 04/11/19

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Transcript for America's smallest baby goes home
Now the one of that America's smallest babies ever to be warm premature and survive. He has finally been discharged from the hospital after a stressful eight month for its parent our very on will dance is here. To tell us more about this baby I and so. Excited to finally be able to introduce you guys to baby Connor who is living proof that the fiercest fighters can come in the tiniest packages. And covers parents who can't believe that their miracle baby. It's finally coming home. For me it doesn't really seem real because we waited so long for me to come home. A long time indeed baby Connor Florio has been in the hospital for eight long months and his mother only 26 weeks pregnant when she gave birth to a at the time Connor weighed ten point nine ounces about the size of a human heart. At less than one pound doctors saying he was one of America's smallest babies ever. Babies who are that small barely have a chance for survival. But he made it through. The dedicated team that life still Children's Hospital in New York slowly but surely supplying physical occupational and feeding guarantees. To help the little guy get bigger and stronger. Mom Jamie and dad John sharing photos of their mini model as his health improved. Also squeezing in caregiver classes to make sure everything would be ready for Connors big trip home. If you think we spend so much time in the hospital that the hospital within a normal. And we're gonna have to be used to be normally an. That new normal now a reality Connor discharged from glide still children's an eleven pounds. More than ten times the size he was when he was born. He's definitely stronger and more aware of surroundings a lot more vocal. Yes but. Mom dad and an apparently very chatty Connor happy and healthy at home in Connecticut this morning. I love Connor and his family. His parents say that he loves hanging out with and watching other babies and he's he's a social little got. It just goes to show you how resilient. Babies are incredible Connor is amazing and also incredible that medical staff that helped them. We'll be right back.

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{"duration":"2:06","description":"Connor, the miracle baby who weighed less than a pound when he was born premature, is finally headed home. ABC News' Will Ganss has the story.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"62325043","title":"America's smallest baby goes home","url":"/WNN/video/americas-smallest-baby-home-62325043"}