Andrew Getty Found Dead

The heir to the Getty oil fortune has been found dead at his home in California.
2:02 | 04/01/15

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Transcript for Andrew Getty Found Dead
Good morning I'm but they cannot make Tatis is all the top stories on this Wednesday April 1. Police in Los Angeles are investigating the death of a member of one of America's richest families. 47 year old Andrew getting heir to the bad Getty oil fortune has been found dead at his home in Hollywood Hills has to go for is being questioned by police. They've had a troubled relationship cops have been called to the house would 38 times police reportedly do not suspect foul play. Also from Los Angeles singer songwriter Joni Mitchell is reportedly in intensive care. After being found unconscious in her home a tweet for Mitchell's official website reports that she is now awake and in good spirits. The 71 year old 1960s icon is an eight time Grammy winner with hits like Woodstock. Both sides now and big yellow taxi. It's a push back from protesters corporations and even other states over Indiana's new religious freedom law as lawmakers led by the governor now vowing to fix the controversial act. Boycotts have included the banning of taxpayer from the travel to Indiana from states like Connecticut Vermont Washington and New York. Opponents say the act legalize is discrimination of gays and lesbians. And Amazon has introduced a new device that allows customers to re order certain household staples. With just the push of a button from anywhere in the home the Jetsons like device is called the Amazon that Daschle button. The tiny Wi-Fi device sends an order directly to Amazon as well as a message to your phone. Getting you a thirty minute window to cancel if you do hit that button by mistake and they say it is toddler proof. No matter how many times the button is clicked only one order will be sent at a time. And Amazon incest by the way that this is not an April fool's joke that. Save us an extra leg work to get thicker here salad also. Wayne get more news any time at I'm body cannot make and I'm TJ Holmes thinks what Devoe.

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{"duration":"2:02","description":"The heir to the Getty oil fortune has been found dead at his home in California.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"30041463","title":"Andrew Getty Found Dead","url":"/WNN/video/andrew-getty-found-dead-30041463"}