App Calculates The Likelihood Your Plane Will Crash

In an effort to alleviate fears of flying, Nic Johns created an app to calculate just how likely your plane is to crash.
2:52 | 02/03/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for App Calculates The Likelihood Your Plane Will Crash
All right folks would you like to know with a not to blame gonna go down the one that you're taking the one you're sitting on there's an app for that now. Crazy go to note that well what are the chances are very slip in the you feel better about why that's the idea behind this new app here. You plug in the departure airport the destination airport the airlines aircraft in and its bets out the chances of you crashing. So what we're talking about here would tell you that you know predictive data LEX you got to take that flight every day for 111000 plus years. And then maybe that plane would go down that supposed to make you feel better that you statistics from the US from the National Archives from their best they can save people about Clough. But the guy who admitted he did it because he went to help his wife overcome her fear of bluntly by saying hey look no real chance he. I've played today and my chances are smaller than. Are greater than the one that just came up meaning. Degraded but I am I fifty. Thank you see that does not make me feel safer it's should make you feel I'm going applying this weekend I'm not I cannot appreciate it snows of the that's just a pop like what about for so I don't think they expected that if it. I would should any action but it got very hairy furry cat. Picking up to the Internet on answer Graham and FaceBook which whom which kind of means sneezing in English is nine months old from Quebec Canada. And suffers from the condition called high per trip kosice. Which means they eat kind of goes excessive hair growth that can happen in both humans and animals to the overgrown facial hair once was to kind of furry and cute now look sort of like. Borax. And the way the condition you're talking about what obviously guys with the canoes and everything do the I would call that TJI is we think TJ lack of sleep if they okay. Morning here you're right you're right. I think does not get the trident white Qaeda. I don't feel Google Video here of people would double in the hands and why not taken a TV. And jump a house. This is what these guys do their Colby nitro circus is in the action sports collective what they call themselves they just a group of guys who do extreme stunts. And they did this when you've seen this city TV goes over the house safe landing and everybody's okay. That is so dangerous what their people underneath you kidding to explain. And here. Almost fixed gear doubles he's pogo sticks an interesting locations. Take a look at this. They are. Created the video was released by people are often there are lots of sports videos stunts impressive pogo tricks around the world flipping off of buildings and it really makes me wanna go out and bipolar stick up for my children before myself. From left and yet here I've never has my parents to help up to diameter child they would never have agreed that it was averted if we're hurting asking god to them.

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{"id":28687103,"title":"App Calculates The Likelihood Your Plane Will Crash","duration":"2:52","description":"In an effort to alleviate fears of flying, Nic Johns created an app to calculate just how likely your plane is to crash.","url":"/WNN/video/app-calculates-likelihood-plane-crash-28687103","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}