Arizona Mother Freed From Mexican Jail

Yanira Maldonado says, "I'm very grateful that I'm free" after being accused of smuggling drugs.
1:53 | 05/31/13

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Transcript for Arizona Mother Freed From Mexican Jail
You're watching America this morning America's number 1 in the early morning news. We begin with breaking news from Mexico the Arizona woman accused of smuggling drugs is now on her way home you -- Maldonado was released from jail after the case against her started falling apart ABC's GO Benitez is in Nogales Arizona and joins us live on the phone GO what's the latest. Diana talk about some late breaking news right this was just midnight local time when we try and get out. Pitching is being released from jail released from trip and really because here. -- Mexico when you're there and you're registered your political pros and it was signed by topic with criminals like you can murderer. And so she was released from jail and it all came about after we saw the -- -- -- -- -- yesterday. -- surveillance -- -- Both of them. -- -- -- Without any large packages she just approached on her shoulder -- two bottles of water. And he had to blanket with -- and that really seems to that's all that most of. Now -- the question that on everyone's minds now that we see her walking out of that prison finally headed home -- her husband Gary what's next. You know that the big question we're told that she will. You -- think the country really or so much support. In the morning here in Arizona. That we don't know that can happen here where I -- or Phoenix but support Arizona. She plans to say that the people of -- station and so supported. -- I'm sure she's thanking everyone and so excited to just finally be home with. Her children -- they -- -- -- at the border we thank you for that -- of course we'll have much more on Good Morning America.

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{"duration":"1:53","description":"Yanira Maldonado says, \"I'm very grateful that I'm free\" after being accused of smuggling drugs.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"19294500","title":"Arizona Mother Freed From Mexican Jail","url":"/WNN/video/arizona-mother-freed-mexican-jail-19294500"}