Will Arnett and Amy Poehler Split

Will Arnett files for divorce from Amy Poehler after 9-year marriage.
4:09 | 04/17/14

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Transcript for Will Arnett and Amy Poehler Split
Getting time and we start with a very big announcement from what are good friends -- you take a look. This very happy because he's happy for me because I just got -- -- -- -- Now fiance -- Wal-Mart and popped the question their quiet afternoon home Jenny and her son who by the way -- -- -- yeah. Sapphire -- -- now wearing a wedding date Jackie -- Barbara told Jenny. That you can have a wedding in her apartment in just not the wedding night in her car -- -- -- Tom Cruise moments you cast a -- up and down I'm doing a bit below. Isn't OK moving on now -- -- -- about what's being planned for Barbara Walters and her final appearance on the idioms like that show was set for May fifteenth and to. And to celebrate every view co host we'll be back. All eleven of them including our friend -- of course. Right now -- -- they are Meredith Vieira Star Jones. They are getting that -- -- police filling up Rosie O'Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselbeck Sherri shepherd Jenny McCarthy Whoopi Goldberg -- that brings back a lot of -- And it is the first sign that they will share. The stage together Walters is the last of the show's original co host still on the -- which she created back in 1990s. And then -- -- distrustful seems new in my mind. Night but got forgot about some of the -- -- yeah. Oh yeah there's some of them that I haven't seen or heard of -- a -- time. I'm excited about this big bash that she's gonna have I mean it's going -- -- going on for quite some time who's going to be fun to watch it is. -- -- and other Hollywood nursery may soon be going pink. We have already told you that Mila Kunis and fiance Ashton Kutcher are expecting their first child now there is word that he is a girl. Even openness is clearly showing the pair has been -- about pregnancy but sources tell us weekly that -- we'll simply outnumbered in that house for the arrival of their daughter later this year. Picture -- way is no stranger to fatherhood he was -- step dad to three daughters of excitement anymore. Cluster more than eighteen months of separation -- power couple Will Arnett and Amy Poehler are officially -- -- quietly filed petitions and their nine year marriage last -- and he is asking for joint custody of the two young sons. -- it's unclear what triggered under the -- heard the legal move at this particularly at this particular time above are net and Poehler are reportedly involved in relationships now with other people. Well it appears that this is down fire is coming back for another and he. I didn't -- -- a -- for the 1993 hit will again star Robin Williams. And that he can be directed by Chris Columbus than the original is about a divorce status disguised himself as an elderly men these so. -- -- -- closed his children and Williams in the film both won Golden Globes then moving me more than 400 million dollars to 400 million dollars due to a fox has been trying to make a sequel more than a dozen years probably no coincidence that Williams Columbus and screenwriter all represented by the same agency was -- Why is it. And -- and some gonna have a hard time. -- hard time figuring how other gonna bring that back yeah. -- -- -- margin Robertson that haven't changed much since they first went on the air in 1989 but soon vandals the drastic make over at least for one. This Simpsons will be transported into the work -- This is the first image from the episode which has no worse for two years. -- wakes up in a world where Springfield and everyone in it. -- -- -- -- -- -- That really wouldn't freak me out -- and they like him it's all the work with -- -- -- 550. Episode and it airs on May fourth. Special Simpson's Lego figurines will go on sale next month arbitrage or celebrity -- and -- Our -- celebrating birthdays as Olivia policies you. -- right and actress Jennifer Garner turns 42 -- how she looks good singer Victoria Beckham 42 years old otherwise known as posh spice. -- -- I'm sure it's great to an actress through Mara who started the girl with the dragon -- -- -- -- 29 years old today happy birthday Kevin.

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{"duration":"4:09","description":"Will Arnett files for divorce from Amy Poehler after 9-year marriage.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"23357769","title":"Will Arnett and Amy Poehler Split","url":"/WNN/video/arnett-amy-poehler-split-23357769"}