Astronaut Captures Super Bowl 50 From Space

Scott Kelly tweeted he was watching the game alone in space, along with a photo of his view of Levi's Stadium from over 200 miles above Earth.
2:55 | 02/08/16

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Transcript for Astronaut Captures Super Bowl 50 From Space
Okay we're gonna have a bit of a Super Bowl team next for the moment aren't trying to moving. The view of Levi stadium there are so many hammers of Levi stadium in Santa Clara but none would give you depth ex astronaut Scott Kelly had hoped. So he was Alvis he's spending a year. In space and who's having what he pointed out there on Twitter as the lonely yes Super Bowl party there just kind of watching it done a small screen TV all by himself. Felt with a couple of friends in the space station and then. His view of idly by saving them from all above there and sang got to see Super Bowl in person after all but at 171050. 500 miles an hour. Again last line between Canada opened the beautiful view I think there's a nice view Santa. Do you think it tells game. Of their area and space. Probably curious that we are on target some not tang flavored beer. Yeah that's sure your advocate tailgate and thank you take. Well I didn't know best about the typical but even if you are playing in the Super Bowl you still have to paint Maria family members to don't. Even if your family member is a new born this is critical quit with the Broncos he's a hunter and hit a two week old. Newborn daughter he had to pay 18100 dollars for a seat for his new born even though his wife Nikki you see her there on the right. She held new horn in her laughable time that the empty seat at the newborn didn't even. And it obviously yeah but they still had a fork over cash and apparently he said that he would not ever deprive its child of the game so he wanted to make sure that. All his children has two other kids yet able to attend the of the tickets by the way forty minutes before kickoff they were actually. Of course without you and dad had Turco made it two who is also a statin. What I know what you have played with played in the NFL. Okay aren't so great also by the way at the stadium they had done a special hot dog of course it was fifty appeared gold. Is that being that this was a special gold flake top dog that was offered only in the stadium itself. It was only twelve bucks. And there's actually chapter of that hat like the gold flakes that's that's where it came from okay container of these was awake but real goal yet it would leak that. Gold flake on a daily edible gold. It edible gold. Slap at how much this year about fifteen so that's released deal. That Idaho taverns we'll. Well it's the Super Bowl it's too rough for you here's another option some people back fiscal. The fiscal get it pat Leo injured 27000 dealers but it was National Geographic. Super Bowl counter programming. Everyone's gonna have a one find out what's possible.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"Scott Kelly tweeted he was watching the game alone in space, along with a photo of his view of Levi's Stadium from over 200 miles above Earth.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"36783379","title":"Astronaut Captures Super Bowl 50 From Space","url":"/WNN/video/astronaut-captures-super-bowl-50-space-36783379"}